Sunday, December 28, 2014

等一个人の艺术机场宾馆 Art (Airport Guest) House

拖着我的行李, 买了张从首尔飞济州的机票~就这样来到了济州岛~ 人生地不熟的, 语言又不通, 就这样的从机场搭乘500路巴士来到第二站的龙门村下车, 下了车过对面马路找 Yongmun-ro 17-gil 路牌,然后沿着巷口进去直走, 你会看到右边有三个大分类垃圾桶,再直走左手边就会看到艺术机场宾馆了.
Come from Seoul to another new world (Jeju)  with no information and knowledge about here. Just travel here with my six sense. After reach Jeju, I just take the No 500 bus from airport to my Hostel called Art Airport Guest House. Below picture show how I find my way to the hostel.

Yongmun-ro 17-gil 路牌
After the bus drop you at the yongmun bus stantion, walk to opposite and find this 
Yongmun-ro 17-gil sign.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

很有人情味的华欣 Hua Hin 4 day 3 night

从龟岛到华欣需 6-7 个小时的交通. 3 个小时 从 龟岛座船到 Champon 码头, 在换巴士到华欣 (约3 小时). 票可以在 龟岛上的艘票处购买~ 价钱在 1000 Bath,
From Koh Tao - Champon - Hua hin need to sit ferry (Lomprayah) from Koh Tao to Champon , then change bus to Hua Hin. This kind of travel normally need to waste quite long time~ around 6-7 hours.
三个小时的船程终于到了 Champon 码头~
Finally reach Champon Pier~

Friday, December 26, 2014

美功铁道集市 Maeklong Railway Market

Me and Signboard

这地方是我很想来的一个地方- 美功铁道集市. 因为小时候看电视节目有看到这个特别的集市, 觉得满不错所以有机会 当然是来看看! 从水上市场过来已经是下午了~所以就到这里等火车~ 也能一边逛逛, 买些吃的~
Maeklong Railway Market is one of the destination I want to go from small, because last time saw one travelling show got come here. Feel quite special for this market. So after the floating market, I have come to this Maeklong Railway Market to wait for the moment (Train passing by). So while waiting, I can buy some fruit to eat at the railway site.

丹嫩沙多水上市场 Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

坐着 两个小时的 Van 车来到了这个丹嫩沙多水上市场,问了价钱好贵!! 800 bath /人,跟他们杀价还是杀不到 *晕* 但还是坐了, 因为这么远来到...... 他们给我看了地图后, 就叫我跳上船去,就出发了.
Sit in the van for two hour and finally reach Damnoen Saduak Floating Market but feel unhappy with the price of the boat because 800 bath per person......*faint*

整个丹嫩沙多水上市场的地图 (看不懂)
The map of the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (Dun understand the map)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

釜山Hotel Aqua Palace汗蒸幕露宿 A Day Stay in Busan Hotel Aqua Palace jjimjilbang

每次看韩剧,都会有人到 “jjimjilbang” 住(离家出走) 或是休息 . 所以 jjimjilbang 这地方是已经在我的 MUST EXPERIENCE LIST 里很久了~ 所以我来到韩国一定要有个韩国人体验! jjimjilbang 是什么呢? 他是指汗蒸幕~ 如果城市人累了, 也能来这里享受一番!
Everytime watch korea drama sure will see the actor go jjimjilbang sleep or have some rest. So jjimjilbang have been in my MUST EXPERIENCE LIST quite a long time. So, when I come to Korea, jjimjilbang sure in my schedule! What is jjimjilbang? I think is a place to give people have some rest or relax or may be a home for those who does not want to go home. (This is just what my understanding)

秋天的晨静树木园 Autumn view of The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원)

The view is nice~
秋天就是要看五彩缤纷的景色!所以就来到了晨静树木园看看*哈哈* 其实不是啦! 是因为我要赶巴士 ~ 如果到小法国, 5.00pm 后就没有巴士回去 ~ 所以就安排到最迟巴士可以到的那站,也就是晨静树木园啦! 也意外的发现, 这临时的安排也不错!!! 值得一游!!
Autumn is coming, where you can go? The Garden of Morning Calm is a good place to visit in Seoul Korea~ By the way, actually I'm not visiting this place at first, but due to the time is limited, I have change my plan from Petite France to The Garden of Morning Calm. But in the end, here did not disappoint me. 

不过由于时间紧迫 (我 5 点多 PM 才到这里,他们建议我们6.30 PM 就要出来, 因为天很快暗,还有会有温差~)所以就快快的进去看看. 也没什么走完 ......如果想来这里的朋友们最好早点来~~ 我会这么迟到是因为我早上等人, 等到很迟, 所以行程都 Delay 了啦!
So, I come from Nami 4.00pm and reach here around 5.00pm (1 hr travel with my 1 day pass bus). So, they advise us come out at 6.30 pm due to the weather at night will turn cold and dark~ and we will very hard to find the way out~ Of  cause, I straight away touch and go all the beautiful scene~ But when I go in, most of the people already coming out.... (I think I'm the last visitor who go in)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

爱与希望之宫 Maruekhathaiyawan Palace

Blue color building
爱与希望之宫是痴情的泰皇 为了爱妃而建的建筑物. 宫的设计典雅别致緻,有点欧洲风带点马来风~还有这里的环境不错哦~ 还建在靠海的地方. 可以想象以前的泰国皇帝很会享受~~
"Maruekhathaiyawan Palace" is a Thailand's King build for his wife. This building have combine Malay style and Australia style and it located near the beach~ you can have a walk at the beach too! By sitting the Orange bus, you can reach here directly.

就因为顺路~所以搭着橙色公共巴士来到这里~ 但不要以为看到大门口就到了哦! 还有一段距离才到爱与希望之宫 入口. 走路还要半个小时 (自己尝试了一下,在回程!). 如果您不想走路, 可以搭便车哦~ 只要跟那里守门的大叔说, 他们就会帮您拦下一辆车~ 不过回程就要看运气, 运气好, 还有人会停下来給你搭便车, 运气不好就要走路了~ 当时我运气好, 不过我想要尝试走路看风景, 所以就拒绝了!
So I come here with my Orange Bus. After reach here (the main door), still got a long distance to the Palace. Two method recommend, either sit car in or walk in. You can go to the guard house and ask for the car to bring you in (This is what I do). When back time, you need to see your luck~ I have good luck at that day, but i want to try walk out.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

南怡岛一天游 Nami Island (남이섬) One day trip

南怡岛 *大爱*

《冬季恋歌》 大家都因该不陌生吧? 我跟每一个国家的人(泰国,日本) 说,他们都懂,只有我 没看过这部这么出名的戏. 虽然这部戏出名, 但我来南怡岛不是为戏而来, 我是为美景而来~ 很多人都会介绍~ 所以我就来看看. 真的很漂亮~ 值得一来! 这里不仅冬天漂亮~连秋天都让我惊叹!
《Winter Sonata》is so well known in every country. I tell my roommate, she also know is what movie, I tell my new friend from Japan, they also know this movie. But for me, I just know the name, didnt see the movie before. *lolx*. So, can say I come Nami Island is because of ITS BEAUTY, not because the movie. I like this places so much, the environment and the scenery is very BEAUTIFUL!

Friday, November 28, 2014

小瑞士绵羊牧场"泰"好拍 Have Fun at Swiss Sheep Farm

有一个小小 小瑞士绵羊牧场坐落在七岩的高速大道旁,在 圣托尼主题乐园的斜对面. 因为看了很多部落格,每个都说小瑞士绵羊牧场和圣托尼主题乐园 很近罢了,所以我就尝试从圣托尼主题乐园走到小瑞士绵羊牧场. 说真实话真的好远! 走了半个小时才到, 所以建议还是踏公共巴士吧!别像我这个笨蛋这样走着去, 有巴士停下来都不搭!
Swiss Sheep Farm is located just opposite Santorini Park  BUT I can tell you, it is not as near as you think, still need to walk quite a distance. I have use half and hour walk to reach there. I HAVE TRY IT MYSELF. (Advised to take public transport.)

看到吗? 我到了
Reaching there

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

韩国首尔住宿 Dagaon Guesthouse Seoul

由于一直都有在看韩剧,所以一直想住韩屋, 但韩国的韩屋价钱都“很美” 所以就找了半韩屋式的 Guesthouse. 
Due to the price of one hanok house room is expensive, so i decided to stay at this half hanok style stay which is Dagaon Guesthouse Seoul.  

半韩屋式的 Guesthouse
Dagaon Guesthouse main door

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

適耕莊小小逃跑 Sekinchan One Day Trip

繁忙的城市偶尔有个小地方逃跑一下是不错的~ 今天来到一个到小小的適耕莊小逃跑~ 这里
比较适合放松心情~~ 不过天祝我也,没有下雨~ *真好*
Planning to run from town and have a nice and relax trip? Then Sekinchan is one of the short trip you can run to ~

我的旅程就这样说走就走,我的老爸也跟我一起去疯! 第一个地点是 到 Pantai Remis 走走吹吹海风 ~ 跟我老爸在这里玩拔脚游戏, 地上有够软的~ 还我的脚一直陷进去, 不过我的老爸比较掺. *呵呵*
So, Let's go to Sekinchan together~~  But first, lets us stop at Pantai Remis to blow some sea wind 1st before go to sekinchan~

这里就是 Pantai Remis
This is Pantai Remis
找到“好大” 一颗 Ham
What my he found?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

文良港资源温泉公寓 Setapak Resource Springs Apartment

找温泉~找温泉~ 又被我找到了在 Kuala Lumpur Setapak 的一个小小温泉. 这个温泉的地点很特别, 它是在一个公寓里面. 这公寓叫  文良港资源温泉公寓. 
Hot Spring post again, this time the hot spring quite special because it's locate inside an Apartment at Setapak call "Setapak Resource Springs Apartment" The hot spring you also can see from Outside but you cant play the water. The hot spring is from the ground.

你会看到这个招牌, 可以找位置停
You will see this on your left hand side

Monday, October 13, 2014

华欣威尼斯泰好玩 Venezia Hua Hin

其实泰国有很多主题乐园~ 今天要介绍的是 华欣威尼斯, 这里是满不错的地方~ 也能有很多照片带回家哦!由于这里因该刚开不久~ 有很多配套! 本人觉得很值得! 因为很多东西可以玩! 我选的配套是 150 Bath.
Mini Bus bring us to another destination when we planning to go back our Hostel, which are Venezia. This place is cool! I have many fun here~ Maybe this place is still new, there have 3 package for customer to choose~ I have choose the 2nd package which is 150 Bath.

配套有 Package Include
- BB弹手枪 Gun Shooting
- 海盗船 Pirate Ship
- 3D 壁画 3D Wall Paint(150Bath)
- 小小动物园 ZOO (renovation)
- 小小火车环绕整个威尼斯 Mini Train Travel Around Venezia

里面的景色~正人在划船的哦! 不像云顶的假人这样
Package show at the counter.

圣托里尼游乐场“美美” 拍照的好地方 Beautiful Hua Hin Santorini Park

圣托里尼 这个地方是很多女孩想去的地方, 由于我是穷游小洁, 所以这次来到泰国找 华欣圣托里尼~ 这里是个不错的地方, 便宜又美丽! 入门票才 50 BATH, 你就能带很多美美的照片回家!
Hua  Hin Santorini Park is located at Cha- Am, after discuss with the person in charge of the hostel, I decided to go to Santorini Park! The enterance Fee only 50 Bath. Is cheap,but if you want to play the theme park inside, need to pay inside. But this place is beautiful for taking photo.

The bus drop us at here.
这里的地图~ 看看怎样走~ 他们没有给地图的
The map of the Santorini park

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

如何从曼谷搭火车到柬埔寨 How To Travel From Bangkok To Cambodia Siem Reap

如果从泰国曼谷 到 柬埔寨暹粒, 大家喜欢搭火车还是搭巴士?
If you want to travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap, you like to take train or bus? I have choose to take train. So here began my journey.

从曼谷到柬埔寨需要很长的一段时间! 我总共花了大概 8 - 9 小时在交通上. 虽然有点累, 但可以看到很多不同的人,事,物.
From Bangkok to Siem Reap you need to waste a lot of time in traveling. I have waste around 8 - 9 hour to reach my destination, It's a long journey, but I have fun.

曼谷 - 亚兰 (Bangkok - Aranyaprathet)
您需到 HuaLamphong 火车站出发. 火车上无空调. 我的出发时间是 5 .50am, 从曼谷到 亚兰. 那里的工作人员建议请早到半个小时. 火车上有厕所, 小贩会一直来回叫卖~ 所以不需要担心. 
You need to go to Hua Lamphong Train Station to buy the train ticket to Aranyaprthet. I have brought 5.50am train to Aranyaprthet. Recommend go half and hour early  to wait for the train.
- 车程约6-7 小时 (6 - 7 hours journey)
- 票价 : 48 Bath  (Price : 48 Bath)

亚兰 - 波贝边检站 (Aranyaprathet - Poipet)
来到 亚兰, 可以找 Tuk Tuk 到 波贝边检站. *小小提醒 : 小心 TukTuk 有诈,他们会停你在 Border 附近的一间店, 然后就有人会来 OFFER 你, 坐巴士到 Siem Reap, 还给你填入境表格,如果你不要他的OFFER, 但你拿了他们的 入境表格 要 40 Bath. 我就是这样被载来这间黑店, 然后价格贵我说不要 他们就不爽然后说 入境表格 要 40 Bath, 我被他们气到, 说那我不要入境表格, 然后自己走到边检站. 各位入境时请小心!!!*
After reach Aranyaprathet, you can find a Tuk Tuk to Border for border check. *Please be careful of the tuk tuk driver, some of them will bring you to another place near the border, and got people will come and serve you and offer you ride to siem reap. DO NOT PAY THEM ANY! JUST WALK AWAY TO BORDER*
- 车程约10 分钟 (10 min journey)
- Tuk Tuk 价 : 80 Bath (Tuk Tuk Price : 80 Bath)

 波贝 - 暹粒 (Poipet - Siem Reap)
过了关后, 直走去坐免费巴士到 巴士站. 然后, 在那里买巴士票, 德士票 或 Mini Van 的票. 我买了 Mini Van到Siem Reap,他们把我们9 个游客挤到 12 个! 有够厉害的, 我们9 个游客已经在 闹不够位了, 他还有本事塞多3个.....不过他们驾车技术有够厉害危险的, 一直搁车! *缺点 :他们只载到他们自己的地盘....想到目的地, 又要另外叫Tuk tuk, 第一天来这里的印象就很不好了!Tuk tuk 还要挖我的钱包, 我的Guesthouse 说 Tuk Tuk 在城市只需 $4, 那个 Tuk Tuk 开我 $5 还说了这番让我傻眼的话 “ 你们因为有钱所以来这里”.....顿时傻掉, 我来这里因为没钱, 还有这里便宜,居然给你讲到这样!!!!!*
After you have go through the Poipet Border Check, go straight to get a free shuttle bus to Bus Stop. Then you need to buy bus ticket or mini van ticket at here to siem reap. I have brought Mini Van ticket for $10. Actually the mini van can occupied 9 people, but that day they put 12 people in a van *=.='''*. The mini van will not go to the destination you want to go, they will only go to their shop near siem reap town. You have to take another tuk tuk to your destination. *My first impression at Cambodia is very NOT GOOD, because they too professional in lying*
- 车程约2 -3 小时(2 - 3 hour journey)
- Mini Van 价 : $10 (Mini Van : $10)
- Tuk Tuk to my Guesthouse : $5

* Hope Can Help You All

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zest Bakery & Coffee House

在网上看到这间店 Zest Bakery Coffee House 的 Review 不错, 所以就到这里用早餐~
Saw the review in the internet that this Zest Bakery Coffee House in Koh Tao taste good, so i decided come here to have my breakfast.

First try at Sairee village~
里面的摆设 蛮有自己的风味~
The environment is very nice~
我的美式早餐 有附上一杯茶和一小杯的橙汁
America Breakfast~ FULL!! *BURRRR*

这间店除了在 Sairee Beach 还有一件分店在 Mae Haad Beach
This Zest Bakery & Coffee House also have branch at Mae Haad Beach~ I have try both shop~ It's Nice.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

碧潭風景區 Bitan Lake at Taipei

我相信大家都看过台湾偶像剧 < 恶作剧之吻 >~ 今天就带大家到恶作剧之吻的其中一个拍摄景点 碧潭風景區 .建议两个以上的人来.
Every one got see taiwan drama < Itazurana Kiss >? Today come to one of the scene in the Itazurana Kiss - Bitan Lake. If can try to come with more than one people.

大家有没有印象? 落水的桥段~在这里发生
Do you still remember?
自己一人来到了这里~ 跟着路牌, 就这样到达了这里, 完全被这里的风景给迷住了啦! 一进碧潭就可以看到墙上很多砖块, 都是些普通的人画的艺术品哦~ 别有风味!
So, I follow my mood and come to this beautiful lake~ The view have attracted me to play at here.
我只拍到一小部分罢了~ 还有很长的一段哦
Small street art. Draw by many different normal people.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

靠近我家乡的温泉 Gadek Hot Spring

近来看到马来西亚10大温泉里有 Gadek 温泉,所以来介绍下这里~ Gadek 温泉是在马六甲城外
. 这里有两个部分,其中一个是公众开放的,而另一一部分是专水疗和按摩池缸.  如果在公众开放温泉,还有分大众的和个人的~
Gadek Hot Spring is near to my kampung, so I plan to come here to have some fun, since quite many people post on FB. Here have many Hot Spring to give you choose, got open style and close style. See you prefer which want. I dont say alot, let the picture tell a thousand word.*呵呵*
入门买票咯 Gadek Hot Spring Main Door
在这里买票才能进 You need to buy ticket to go in.
除了温泉, 这里也有游乐场所, 给小孩玩
Besides hot spring, there is also a play ground for children
Big Hot Spring, if you like many people you can come here
All other small Hot Spring. Different Hot spring area, different temperature. 
Other hot spring area, you can find the most suitable temperature that you like.
来到后面的开放式温泉, 这里还有亭子让你不用晒太阳泡温泉
I found mine. If you want to have your private space, here also have.
我有没有很厉害, 可以泡到晚上!
I can play at here till night~
This is girl's toilet.
Inside still can have a bath too~
曾经在台湾宜兰泡过温泉的我, 觉得这里不错. 有那里的70% . 这里温泉的温度, 只有一个很热很热的(最后面还会出烟,本人比较喜欢), 其他有些温温的,有些刚刚好,要自己一个一个去找自己适合的温泉. 如果在台湾,台湾人一定说不热的不好泡! 因为我去台湾跟台湾人一起泡脚就是这样,是滚烫的还有烟,但他们是有本事的放下去!! 不过这天泡了全感觉全身轻飘飘的~ 还有皮肤滑滑的~ *呵呵*
The hot spring at here consider very good~ If compare with Taiwan hot spring, the temperature of the hot spring is not hot enough. I found only 1 hot spring at the very behide have the temperature same like I experience at taiwan. So if come here, you need to find the suitable temperature one by one. because there are more than 10 different hot spring area. After hot spring, you sure will feel very relax and you skin will become smooth~~~

这里还有外国人来泡温泉叻~ 我正在努力的跟热水拼命, 一位日本人叫我直接勇敢的泡整身! *哇叻, 很烫啊* 推荐早上来泡, 因为觉得比较干净.
Here have a lot Japanese come ~ One of the japanese call me to be brave! *lolx* (do I look like Japanese? Maybe). I will sure come here again!

Rate : 8 / 10

Gadek Hot Spring
地址 Address : Kampung Ganun, 78000 Alor Gajah Melaka.
GPS Coordinate:  N2.407357, E102.237911

门票 Entrance Fee
大人 Adult: RM 5.00
小孩 (6 - 12 岁) Childer between 6 - 12 years old : RM 3.00

* 五岁以下 below 5 years old  : 免费 free
* 有问题的 OKU : 免费 free
* 是 Gadek 或 Ganun 村的人 The people who live in Gadek or Ganun Village : 免费(只限 6am - 8am)free only at 6am - 8am.

Map to Gadek Hot Spring

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

波德申 Grand Lexis 短暂之旅 Grand Lexis Short Escape

刚从 Groupon 买了两天一夜Grand Lexis Port Dickson 的 Deluxe Suite Room 价值 RM500 不包括早餐. 所以就和家人一起来这里短暂的度假一下.
Just brought from Groupon on 2D1N Deluxe Suite Room Stay for 2 at 5 Star Grand Lexis Port Dickson in Port Dickson with only RM500. No including breakfast. Come to have a short escape with family since my sister sooner or later need to go to Taiwan study.

我的房间有够大的! 大概可以挤8 个人把! 不过, 我们也才 5 个人
The room is so big, I think can fix 8 people~

Monday, August 4, 2014

Maiu Japanese Restaurant 日式自助餐

除了韩式自助餐,当然也少不了日式的自助餐. 但这日式自助餐的点餐方法有点像我在台湾吃碳烤火锅自助餐的时候. 有菜单给您点, 不过没图画给你看~ 所以我不管3721, 统统都点*呵呵* 反正任点都是 RM48.80 ++, 乱点也是 RM48.80 ++, 不点也是 RM48.80 ++. *哈哈*
Come to Maiu Japanese Restaurant to have Japanese Buffet with only RM48.80++ . You can eat all the food list down on the menu. 


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

龟岛天堂 Jamahkiri resort, Spa & Restaurant

由于我已经在 MAE HAAD PIER了, 所以我们就在 Mae Haad 的 Jamahkiri Spa Office 询问如何到 Jamahkiri resort, Spa & Restaurant. 他们有免费载送服务, 只要跟他们安排时间就可以了. 所以跟他们安排了 10.00 am. 然后拖着我的行李到 Jamahkiri Spa Office 等候我的豪华车到来*哈哈*
How to go to Jamahkiri Resort, Spa & Restaurant? It is easy, you just need to follow the map to Jamahkiri Spa Office to book their free pick up services, you can reach Jamahkiri. Beside, they also got fetch from pier. You just need to tell them the time you reach koh tao, they will arrange people to fetch you.

地图到 Jamahkiri Spa Office
Map to go Jamahkiri Spa Office, it is easy to find.
Their logo.
在等候的当儿, 有很好的服务!
Have a cold drink while waiting for my "Amat" to come *HEHE*

我的豪华车! 还有按摩椅! *爽*
I like this car! Damn Pro. Have massage sit inside!! *FEEL GOOD*

这里的服务很周到! 如果还有机会, 一定会到回这里! 非常喜欢,因为有女王的感觉!
I like the service here~ Its is good~ will come back here again!

从Mae Haad 到 Jahmakiri 要 30 min, 路程有很多狭窄的山!非常惊险!
The location of Jamahkiri on map~ it's is far away from pier

台北市政府一日游 One day trip at Taipei City Hall

来到了一个陌生的地方, 还被我妹抛弃.... 只好硬着头皮一个人搭着地铁来到了市政府站.  原本我只打算到台北101光观. 哪知道, 越走越发现很多地方可逛! 我已经整理了我发现的地点~~
My sister leave me alone walking in Taipei because she is having her summer course. Actually, I only plan to go Taipei 101 for shopping and eating. But seem like that got many thing's to play and see!

Place to visit at Taipei City Hall MRT Station

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sekeping Serendah玻璃屋两天一夜游 Getaway to Sekeping Serendah Glass House

难得久久才跟朋友办一次的短短旅行, 就这样我们今年决定去 Sekeping Serendah 的玻璃屋 两天一夜 游玩. 这里跟城市隔离很远, 还没有信号......让我有点寂寞, 因为不能第一时间炫耀. *哈哈*
It's a short getaway trip with few of my friend. This place is so deep inside the jungle. I feel quite lonely in the jungle without my internet because I cant share my happiness with my friend and family. BY THE WAY, PLEASE DONT FOLLOW THE GPS! will bring you to other place.

1 楼 = 客厅与厨房
2 楼 = 睡房
Outdoor view
1st floor = living room + kitchen
2nd floor = bed room

Sunday, July 6, 2014

3D 壁画 Shah Alam Seksyen 7 3D mural

自从槟城的 3D 壁画出名后,越来越多地方都有壁画了. 今天来到沙亚南的Seksyen 7 闲逛,那里知道意外的被一些艺术吸引了. 它们把我引到来了后巷. *满特别的*
Recently, more and more place have the 3D street art already. Today, I have been walk around in Seksyen 7, and I have found 3D street art behind those shop.

Do you know what word is this? *lolx*

This is the place where is discover

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

素叻他尼到龟岛 7 days trip from Surat Thani to Koh Tao

我用7天来玩这龟岛 ~ 也让我从 "白雪公主" 变 "黑人牙膏".  整个旅程让我大出血. 虽然大出血,不过我经历了很多,看了很多,也体验了很多! 可说一切都值得! 不过这里很少看到 亚洲人! 统统都是白人! (是洗眼睛的好地方)
I have when to Koh Tao for 6 days trip. Due to this 6 days trip, I became very poor but I can see, learn and play quite alot of thing. Enjoy being here!

我的旅程就这样开始....... 心血来潮想到龟岛潜水, 就买了张机票到素叻他尼,来回机票才 RM 200不到. 不过想到这里还得乘坐很多交通工具. 最初我是坐飞机到素叻他尼,一出关卡后, 我就到Lomprayah 柜台去买船票... 因为到龟岛需乘船. (很费时间)
To reach Koh Tao, you may need to take quite long time in transportation. I have brought an Air Asia's air ticket to Surat Thani. The ticket is cheap, it's around RM 200. So After walk out from the check out point in Surat Thani Air port, I straight away go find Lomprayah's counter to buy buy and ferry ticket.
Location of all the ferry  counter in Surat Thani's airport

一张票(单程 - 巴士 + 船)到龟岛都要 950 bath ! 柜台的小姐说 1.40 PM 上 Phantip 巴士. 不过很浪费时间. 巴士拖时间拖到 2.30 PM 等整辆巴士坐满人后,才出发! 到码头都已经 4.00 PM 了! 这时间 刚刚好是船正要出发的时候,所以就快快的冲过去.... 那里知道有接驳车载到船前.....*-..-'''*
For one way ferry + bus ticket to Koh Tao need 950 Bath. The worker say wait the Phantip bus at 1.40 PM. But I feel it's wasting my time. They 2.30 PM only start the journey (wait till the bus is full)....When reach the pier already 4.00PM. Is the time for the Lomprayah boat start the journey. This make me rush like hell! (No matter you need go Koh Samui or Koh Phangan all sitting the same bus, same ferry, just the sticker different color.)
Lomprayah's schedule and price

Fast Fast, the boat is gonna start the journey!
go out and see sunset~ *nice*

当然, 美丽的风景一定要有美女
while enjoying the beautiful nature.....
Information for Surat Thani Route