Saturday, May 17, 2014

甲洞美食 - 记得食 kepong food's - KTZ Food

来哦! 来哦! 美味可口的美食竟在这里!
lelong! lelong! all the food at here are delicious!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

韩式烧烤自助餐 BBQ K Korea Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara

今天我带朋友去吃韩式烧烤了 *哈哈* 还迷路, 有够“鱼”..... 这次来到 Solaris Mont Kiara 吃 *高级的地方*! 价钱不会说很贵. 他们的料也很多选择!
Today I bring my friend go discover new korea BBQ buffet again~ This time we go BBQ K korea buffet at Solaris Mont Kiara *High Class place*. The price is not very expensive and they have plenty of choice although their place is small.

大人 (Adult price) = RM 38 (Lunch)
                                    RM 45 (Dinner)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

韩式烧烤自助餐 食客 Korea BBQ Buffet Ssikkek

最近我迷上了韩式烤肉, 到处去找吃! 今天找到甲洞一家韩式烧烤自助餐 叫 食客. 这家的烧烤自助餐超便宜~ 一个人才RM 19.90 ++ 吃到饱! 不过满多人的,所以建议大家预定位子先. 好才今天来的早~ 不然我会等到肚子扁掉! *哈哈*
Recently, I have addicted to Korea BBQ Buffet. So today I found one Korea BBQ Restaurant at Kepong call Ssikek. The price is around RM 19.90 ++ for adult and you can eat all you want. Today I come quite early, alot of people is waiting outside for place to sit. So I recommend, if want to eat at here, please make a reservation.

大门口, 很容易找到.  It is easy to find this door