Monday, March 23, 2015

3天2夜林明体验 3 Day 2 Night Sungai Lembing Trip

我的林明 3天2夜行程 My 3 Day 2 Night at Sungai Lembing:

Day 1 : Tampin > Teluk  Chempedak > Sungai Lembing

因为知道林明没什么东西好玩, 所以就很迟才出发~ 在 Tampin 大概 12:30 pm 吃了午餐后才出发. 就这样跟着 Google Map Apps 到达了我的第一站(用了我4个小时),那就是 Teluk  Chempedak.Teluk  Chempedak 是一个沙滩景点.
Actually Sungai Lembing have nothing to play, there is only a small village with 2 or 3 MUST visit spot only. So, my plan is after lunch around 12:30 pm only start my journey from Tampin to Kuantan. From Tampin to Teluk Chempedak beach, it took me 4 hour drive.
来到 Teluk  Chempedak 不忘留念
Teluk Chempedak shadow.
这里的浪很大! 感觉好好 (很爽)
The waves here is big~~ 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆 Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo

南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆 Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo

来到釜山也不忘了住宿,所以就找个住宿能够寄放行李又靠近Shopping Mall 的地方, 那就是 南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆. 南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆位于中央地铁站附近, 是间不错的旅馆. 因为地理方便.
走路 2 Min 到 40 阶梯文化观光主题街, 15 Min 到札嘎其市场, 5 Min 到Lotteria (好方便)
Busan Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo is a good location to stay. I choose here because I want to have a keep baggage service and near to shopping mall. Because I want to go to Jjimjilbang stay and is my last day here.