Wednesday, September 9, 2015

韩国首尔秋天游 Autumn Beautiful Seoul (3)

第六天 Day 6
Jagalchi Market > BIFF Market > Haeundae Beach > Hotel Aqua Palace jjimjilbang

又是一早的飞机,搭计程车到济州机场然后飞到釜山. 来到釜山已经下午了~ 因为今天计划到汗蒸幕去. 很多韩剧都是到那里拍摄,还有一样就是住宿可省下一笔!
Another morning fly again from jeju to busan. Today plan is abit different, we did not plan to stay in hotel or guesthouse, we are going to stay at jjimjilbang. Because many korea drama going there recording and I can save my stay cost too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

遇见甘川文化村居民 Friendly People in Gam Cheon Culture Village (감천문화마을)

Gam Cheon Culture Village
想看看五颜六色的文化村,可到甘川文化村. 这里除了五颜六色的景色, 还有这里的居民都很亲切~ 来到这里乱走, 因为这里的地图要买,所以我就打算走到哪儿就那儿~ 其实这个村不会很大, 也不会迷路,只要跟着一路上的壁画,颜色走,一定会走出来. 有些壁画还很隐秘哦!
Gam Cheon Culture Village is a beautiful village where the houses at here full of different colour. Beside the people at here also very friendly. I know a "o ni" where she treat us a fruit juice and chit chat with us, A aunty where talk alot to me, but I dont understand at all. *lolx*.I just simply walk around at here because the map in Gam Cheon Culture Village need to buy. So I just follow my feel.

When reach here, saw a map beside,and snap it for future use. (maybe I lost inside Gam Cheon Culture Village can be use)

3天2夜的霍拉斯家庭别墅 3 Day 2 Night at Horas Family Home

为了给家人一次难忘的旅程,我上网查了很多间在 Parapat / Tuk Tuk 的旅馆,也发了很多封的 Email,但只发现霍拉斯家庭别墅 会回复我那些傻傻的问题. 所以这次的旅行住宿我就选了这里 "霍拉斯家庭别墅".
This time at Laketoba, I plan to give my family a different and good place to relax. So I online search many hotel in Parapat and Tuk Tuk, I also send as much email as I can to enquirer for the room or house. At the end ONLY Horas Family Home reply me. So I decided to choose here because some time I ask silly question, they also reply my question patiently.

工作人员会一路从 Parapat 带到您来到霍拉斯家庭别墅
The worker will bring you from parapat to Horas Family House. So dont worry you will lose or what.