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韩国首尔住宿 Dagaon Guesthouse Seoul

由于一直都有在看韩剧,所以一直想住韩屋, 但韩国的韩屋价钱都“很美” 所以就找了半韩屋式的 Guesthouse. 
Due to the price of one hanok house room is expensive, so i decided to stay at this half hanok style stay which is Dagaon Guesthouse Seoul.  

半韩屋式的 Guesthouse
Dagaon Guesthouse main door

在首尔选了这间便宜又特别的 Guesthouse. 我住的是女生宿舍 三晚才 45000 Won (大约RM 46 ++ 一晚 包早餐 ). 每天的早餐有 面包,牛油,果酱,果汁和牛奶. 可以烘烤面包,早餐时间是 7.00am - 10.00am 罢了.有点快....  还有房间不错,不过就是矮了点. 个人还满喜欢这里的, 如果还有机会来韩国, 我一定会回到这里. 
I stay here for 3 day with just 4500 won (around RM46 per night with breakfast). Breakfast have bread, milk, orange juice, jam and margarine . Their breakfast serving time is from 7.00am - 10.00am (a bit too fast). The room is clean but very short. 

就在新罗免税店对面罢了~ 很容易就看到了
It's near to duty free shop~~ very easy find this location.
除此之外,这间Guesthouse的位置也很好. 它位于东国大学站 5 号出口,在奖忠体育馆和新罗免税店之中间~  但那时候,因为奖忠体育馆在建修所以5 号出口被封,害我绕了很多圈, 问了很多人才找到!所以我要给多一个出口就是 6 号出口出站后, 走到对面的奖忠体育馆直走过马路, 在直走看到有路口转右就会看到Dagaon Guesthouse Seoul 了. 东大门就在附近 (15 min 路程)
Besides, the Guesthouse located is good ~  It's at Dongguk University Station, exit No.5 you will see it's at between Jangchung Gymnasium and The Shilla Duty Free. There is also a park near this Guesthouse which is call Jang chung dan park (5 min walk), you also can walk to dongdaemun (15 min walk).

这间 Guesthouse 有很多设施,如能上网, 看电视,玩游戏, 洗衣服和这里的买点,有的泡脚!!在这里我认识了从很多国家来的背包客~ 很好玩一下~ 
The facilities at here is AWESOME! Got WIFI, TV Show, Game, can wash your cloth and the most important thing is after a day walk, you feet can have a relax with their foot SPA~ Now let me bring you to this GUESTHOUSE.

柜台~ 平时没有人~ 所以要来时请跟他们沟通好
Counter with no people
泡脚的地方~ 走累了~ 休息一下~
Tired? Come here relax a while
看戏, 聊天 与玩游戏的地方
Boring ? Game, TV and internet all located here.
You can left some photo or comment after stay.
不会玩的游戏, 名叫YUT NO RI
Got play before? This game call YUT NO RI
Dont know how to play? Here are the method~
Breakfast having here~

You still need to separate all the rubbish before throw

饿了~ 能叫外卖哦! 韩国出名 炸酱面与炸鸡~
Any delivery need? can call them help you to call if you dont know Korean language.
Welcome to my room with no lock
My dorm~~
Bath room quite small.

如果你们想预订这间 Guesthouse 请跟他们的负责人说, 因为那里的柜台一直都是没有人(连早上工作时间都没人), 通知他们等你. 因为我会迟Check in, 所以我通知负责人 Kim Hyo Hyeon 小姐, 叫她等我~ 不让我想我因该会睡外面吧!
If you want to book this guesthouse, please inform them to wait you for check in, because there will not have any people 24hr at the counter. If not you have to wait till no tomorrow. Even morning time (working hour) also no people at the counter, need to bell them at counter. So you all need to inform them first. Before i check in, i deal with Ms Kim Hyo Hyeon to tell them I will be late check in. Ms Kim Hyo Hyeon english is limited, so some time body language is better than english.

RATE : 9 / 10

更多详情 For More Information

Guest House Dagaon

地址 Address   : 首尔中区奖忠洞2200-82 200-82 Jangchungdong 2(i)-ga (235-14 Dongho-ro), Myeong-dong / Namsan, Seoul, South Korea

交通 Transport :  搭乘地铁至 ③东国大学站 Dongguk University 5号出口, 位置在奖忠体育馆和新罗免税店之中间 Sit to Dongguk University , exit No 5 , its located between Jangchung Gymnasium and The Shilla Duty Free only.

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