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等一个人の艺术机场宾馆 Art (Airport Guest) House

拖着我的行李, 买了张从首尔飞济州的机票~就这样来到了济州岛~ 人生地不熟的, 语言又不通, 就这样的从机场搭乘500路巴士来到第二站的龙门村下车, 下了车过对面马路找 Yongmun-ro 17-gil 路牌,然后沿着巷口进去直走, 你会看到右边有三个大分类垃圾桶,再直走左手边就会看到艺术机场宾馆了.
Come from Seoul to another new world (Jeju)  with no information and knowledge about here. Just travel here with my six sense. After reach Jeju, I just take the No 500 bus from airport to my Hostel called Art Airport Guest House. Below picture show how I find my way to the hostel.

Yongmun-ro 17-gil 路牌
After the bus drop you at the yongmun bus stantion, walk to opposite and find this 
Yongmun-ro 17-gil sign.

这路口进去,直走就可看到 艺术机场宾馆
Then you will see this, just turn in and walk straight
You will saw Art House and HERE IS IT~ you reach your destination.
我喜欢这里的装饰(因该很多女孩会喜欢),有两只大熊熊在楼下. 我问老板是不是喜欢熊熊, 她说是为了装饰 *呵呵* 这里的老板很亲切, 会关心每个客人! 每天晚上一定会上来和客人交谈~ 老板会说中文哦! 她本人说以前是在中国念书的~ 所以沟通方面不是问题! 这里的地点也不错,靠经飞机场, 还可以看飞机. 从我的房间窗口还能看到 汉拿山.
I like this place so much (because of it's decoration). At the lobby there is two big bear bear, which you can snap photo with them. Besides, the person in charge is very friendly, will take care her every customer very well. If you have any problem with your stay, you can find her. Moreover, she speak mandarin damn good may be due to she got study at china before! So its no problem for us to communicate. After all, this place location is good~ the view from here can see air plane fly here and there, I also can see Hallasan from my room window~

进去找了老板 CHECK In 后~她就带我们到房间去~ (这里的老板会说华语)
Lobby decoration~ you can see the lonely bear at the side
电梯有指示你可到的地方, 我的住宿时在 6 楼
Lift to our dorm~~ we stay at level 6
Here we enter our house~
You can give any book or left any comment here.
Living room
Dining room
Please wash your plate after eat
全景~ 还可以看飞机起飞与降落 (靠近飞机场)~
我在这里住两晚 dorm 房,这间 Dorm 房里有厕所哦~ 两晚 44000 Won. 第一天跟两个菲律宾母女一起住,第二天就是自己的房间咯! 有包早餐, 不过这里的早餐有写名的, 只能吃自己的不能吃别人的~ 这里的早餐有面包,Jam, Peanut Butter,橙汁,韩国的橙等.
I stay here for 3 day 2 night with price of 44000 Won in a dorm room. This dorm room have private bathroom. The first day I sleep with 2 Philippians , then the second day, the room is mine!! The stay got include breakfast, but the breakfast at here is quite special, because each breakfast have name~ This mean you cannot eat others, only can eat your bread. The breakfast here include bread, jam, peanut butter, orange juice, and korea orange.

这里的早餐~ 还有放名字的.....
The everyday breakfast~
最后来看看我的房间 (我的床很乱!)
Last, is my messy dorm room~
晚上无聊, 买只冰淇淋在楼下大厅吃~
At night too boring, you can go 7-11 buy ice cream and eat here~
you also can play with the bear~
many bear around~
这只熊被我折磨~又没有像等一个人的寂寞?? *哈哈*
lonely moment with Big Bear~*haha*

RATE : 10 / 10

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艺术机场宾馆 Art (Airport Guest) House

地址 Address   : 9, Yongmun-ro 17-gil, 690-821 jeju city

交通 Transport :  出机场转左等500路巴士 到第二站的龙门村下车,然后到对面找
Yongmun-ro 17-gil路牌,然后沿着巷口直走,你会看到右边有三个大分类垃圾桶,再直走左手边就会看到艺术机场宾馆了.
Come out from airport and turn left to wait No. 500 Bus to Yongmun village, then to opposite road and find Yongmun-ro 17-gil sign and go in and walk straight and you will see Art House on your left side.

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