Sunday, December 27, 2015

马六甲的沙滩? 还是沙漠? 还是沙? Pantai Klebang - Melaka Desert ? or Melaka Beach

跟我的黑色小帅哥 Myvi拍广告!
Any advertiser want to find my MYVI for advertised?
看到这个图片, 大家觉得是在哪里? 沙滩 还是沙漠? *哈哈*. 我也不是到为何这么多人说是沙漠,应该看似沙漠, 但我觉得其实只是一堆填海的沙放在这里 或是丢弃在这里. 不过景色不错~ 可以到这里看看, 拍拍写真集~ 还有鬼婆走路进来看看 (路途很遥远一下)
What place do you think the Myvi in the picture at? Is at the Beach? or at the Desert? *Haha* Many people say it's a Desert because it's look like a desert. But for me I think is just some sand use to fill up the sea to made land. But forget about it, it's look very beautiful, and the wind here is strong(because it's at the sea), you can come here to have some photo shooting.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

看着广州塔周围开灯 Looking at the light lighted up around Canton tower

中国太大啦! 走到我很累~ 来到了广州塔已经是傍晚大概5点多了! 我已经没有力了...坐下来休息一下,看看所谓的 小蛮腰(广州塔)有没有我的腰来得小 *哈哈*. 由于门票小贵,所以没有上去看 (其实很想上去玩它的450米极速云霄....不过没关系,让自己有借口再回来!)
Canton tower is the tallest building in Guangzhou. It have around 450m tall and have some theme park at the top of it. Actually I plan to go up play the Sky drop (look extreme) but the entrance fee got a bit too expensive for me, so I did not go up to have a look. 

Sunset is Coming

Saturday, December 5, 2015

淡水站一日游 One Day Trip At Tamsui (2)

因为来台湾有购买悠游卡~所以搭船到八厘左岸很方便. 只要像 Touch&Go 这样,就能上船 (不过卡里最好有钱, 船票也不会贵). 从淡水渡船头搭船至八里渡船头需 10分钟 不会久 就像过一个大河罢了~
Easycard in Taiwan is very useful (I like to use it when I'm in Taiwan), It's like Touch&Go can use at many place. So, to go Bali you can sit ferry from Tamsui using you Easycard. The price for ferry is not expensive and just need 10min to reach Bali.
Start the ferry 
票价 台币26元
ferry price only TWD 26