Tuesday, October 14, 2014

文良港资源温泉公寓 Setapak Resource Springs Apartment

找温泉~找温泉~ 又被我找到了在 Kuala Lumpur Setapak 的一个小小温泉. 这个温泉的地点很特别, 它是在一个公寓里面. 这公寓叫  文良港资源温泉公寓. 
Hot Spring post again, this time the hot spring quite special because it's locate inside an Apartment at Setapak call "Setapak Resource Springs Apartment" The hot spring you also can see from Outside but you cant play the water. The hot spring is from the ground.

你会看到这个招牌, 可以找位置停
You will see this on your left hand side

想要泡温泉,就需到 Guard House 那里交入门费 (RM1)才能进. 不过这里的温泉真的很小, 3 个泡脚湖罢了~ 就这样. 不过这里的温泉水是很烧的哦!! 它的温泉水是从地底下出来的~ 可以看到泡泡从湖里出来~
To enter the Hot Spring, you must pay RM 1 to the Guard at the guard house. Only you can go in. But the hot spring is very small, only 1 people can fit into 1 small pond and there is only 3 pond. But the water is very hot~ I very Like.

有泡泡从地下出来~ *拍到不清楚*
The bubble come out from the ground *not clear*

这就是温泉池~ 不能玩水.... 要玩只能在里面玩.
This is the Hot Spring Pond. 

住在Setapak 四年了, 毕业一年后才知道这里有温泉. *惭愧* 不过还好那里只是想泡脚~ 因为 12 KM 的 RUN *呵呵*
Stay at Setapak for so long also dunno there have a small hot spring. Now graduate for 1 year only come find here find......

RATE :6/10

更多详情 For More Information

Setapak Resource Springs Apartment

地址 Address : 81 JalanAirPanas, Taman Air Panas, 53200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

入门票 Entrance Fee : 大人 Adult  RM 1.00
                                     小孩 Child RM 0.50

怎样去 Getting there : 从Setapak 到 巴刹后, 前面的红青灯转右, 在直走就会看到 “文良港资源温泉公寓” .
From Setapak Police Station, go straight till you get to a traffic lights. Then Turn right to Air Panas. Keep a look out for the Resource Springs Apartment it will be on your left.

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