Thursday, January 29, 2015

穷又韩国少过 RM3000 Visit Korea with RM3000

My Korea Trip Budget. 

最近我迷上了穷游,也刚从韩国回来. 想分享下一点点地省钱方法. 这次的韩国8天7夜穷游只花了RM2890++, 不到RM3000. 如果没有买东西的话, 我想 RM2100 就可以了! 8天7夜的时间来走3 个地方是不够的,因为太多地方想去. 不过大家要如何在 8 天里走完这3 个地方呢?让我分享我的省钱方法 (虽然不是很省.....)
Recently I have fall in love with travelling~~and currently just back from Korea. Now let me share my money saving trip in Korea. If I dont want to spend money in Shopping, I Think RM 2100 can travel in Korea for 8 Day 7 Night. How to travel 3 place in such short time? Let me share my money saving trip (although not very save cost...)

来Ossoto Spa 享受放松 Come to have some relax at Ossoto Spa

想在繁忙的时候放松下吗? Ossoto 就是你最好的选择~ 就让我带您来看看这里吧! 我那时去的时候,女的价钱还是 RM68 和男的 RM88 . 现在好像有分星期一到四 女的 RM68,男的 RM88 但星期五到日, 女的和男的都要 RM128. 为什么叻? 哦!原来它们的算法是 :
Want to have some break during your busy moment? Why not come to Ossoto Spa to have some break? The entrance fee only RM68 (Women) and RM88 (Men) during weekdays, While week end Women and Men is RM128 , but extra money can be use for other service. You can refer to calculate below :

RM128 - 平时的入门票 = 剩余的钱 (可以用来按摩,做指甲,剪头发等)
RM 128 - Normal Entrance Rate = Money left (Use for Massage, Nail art, Hair Cut and more)

意思是你付RM128, 然后你可以拿剩余的 RM 60 (女) 和 RM40 (男)拿来做按摩, 修指甲等.
Means if you pay RM 128, then you minus RM68 (Women) or RM88 (Men), you will left RM60 (Women) or RM40 (Men) and you can use these money to do massage, Nail art, Cut hair and more.

You can stay here 24 hour when you start go in. For example, you go in on Monday 10.00am, then you can stay till the next day which is Tuesday 10.00am. 

电梯一出来就可以看到很多红人 Lift up~
Welcome to Ossoto Spa