Tuesday, July 15, 2014

龟岛天堂 Jamahkiri resort, Spa & Restaurant

由于我已经在 MAE HAAD PIER了, 所以我们就在 Mae Haad 的 Jamahkiri Spa Office 询问如何到 Jamahkiri resort, Spa & Restaurant. 他们有免费载送服务, 只要跟他们安排时间就可以了. 所以跟他们安排了 10.00 am. 然后拖着我的行李到 Jamahkiri Spa Office 等候我的豪华车到来*哈哈*
How to go to Jamahkiri Resort, Spa & Restaurant? It is easy, you just need to follow the map to Jamahkiri Spa Office to book their free pick up services, you can reach Jamahkiri. Beside, they also got fetch from pier. You just need to tell them the time you reach koh tao, they will arrange people to fetch you.

地图到 Jamahkiri Spa Office
Map to go Jamahkiri Spa Office, it is easy to find.
Their logo.
在等候的当儿, 有很好的服务!
Have a cold drink while waiting for my "Amat" to come *HEHE*

我的豪华车! 还有按摩椅! *爽*
I like this car! Damn Pro. Have massage sit inside!! *FEEL GOOD*

这里的服务很周到! 如果还有机会, 一定会到回这里! 非常喜欢,因为有女王的感觉!
I like the service here~ Its is good~ will come back here again!

从Mae Haad 到 Jahmakiri 要 30 min, 路程有很多狭窄的山!非常惊险!
The location of Jamahkiri on map~ it's is far away from pier

台北市政府一日游 One day trip at Taipei City Hall

来到了一个陌生的地方, 还被我妹抛弃.... 只好硬着头皮一个人搭着地铁来到了市政府站.  原本我只打算到台北101光观. 哪知道, 越走越发现很多地方可逛! 我已经整理了我发现的地点~~
My sister leave me alone walking in Taipei because she is having her summer course. Actually, I only plan to go Taipei 101 for shopping and eating. But seem like that got many thing's to play and see!

Place to visit at Taipei City Hall MRT Station

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sekeping Serendah玻璃屋两天一夜游 Getaway to Sekeping Serendah Glass House

难得久久才跟朋友办一次的短短旅行, 就这样我们今年决定去 Sekeping Serendah 的玻璃屋 两天一夜 游玩. 这里跟城市隔离很远, 还没有信号......让我有点寂寞, 因为不能第一时间炫耀. *哈哈*
It's a short getaway trip with few of my friend. This place is so deep inside the jungle. I feel quite lonely in the jungle without my internet because I cant share my happiness with my friend and family. BY THE WAY, PLEASE DONT FOLLOW THE GPS! will bring you to other place.

1 楼 = 客厅与厨房
2 楼 = 睡房
Outdoor view
1st floor = living room + kitchen
2nd floor = bed room

Sunday, July 6, 2014

3D 壁画 Shah Alam Seksyen 7 3D mural

自从槟城的 3D 壁画出名后,越来越多地方都有壁画了. 今天来到沙亚南的Seksyen 7 闲逛,那里知道意外的被一些艺术吸引了. 它们把我引到来了后巷. *满特别的*
Recently, more and more place have the 3D street art already. Today, I have been walk around in Seksyen 7, and I have found 3D street art behind those shop.

Do you know what word is this? *lolx*

This is the place where is discover