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秋天的晨静树木园 Autumn view of The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원)

The view is nice~
秋天就是要看五彩缤纷的景色!所以就来到了晨静树木园看看*哈哈* 其实不是啦! 是因为我要赶巴士 ~ 如果到小法国, 5.00pm 后就没有巴士回去 ~ 所以就安排到最迟巴士可以到的那站,也就是晨静树木园啦! 也意外的发现, 这临时的安排也不错!!! 值得一游!!
Autumn is coming, where you can go? The Garden of Morning Calm is a good place to visit in Seoul Korea~ By the way, actually I'm not visiting this place at first, but due to the time is limited, I have change my plan from Petite France to The Garden of Morning Calm. But in the end, here did not disappoint me. 

不过由于时间紧迫 (我 5 点多 PM 才到这里,他们建议我们6.30 PM 就要出来, 因为天很快暗,还有会有温差~)所以就快快的进去看看. 也没什么走完 ......如果想来这里的朋友们最好早点来~~ 我会这么迟到是因为我早上等人, 等到很迟, 所以行程都 Delay 了啦!
So, I come from Nami 4.00pm and reach here around 5.00pm (1 hr travel with my 1 day pass bus). So, they advise us come out at 6.30 pm due to the weather at night will turn cold and dark~ and we will very hard to find the way out~ Of  cause, I straight away touch and go all the beautiful scene~ But when I go in, most of the people already coming out.... (I think I'm the last visitor who go in)

Ok ~ 回来我的主题~晨静树木园 也是韩国偶像剧的拍摄景点之一哦~ 像是有 You Are Beautiful, Smile Again, Dong Hae, A Love To Kill 等~ 
This can be consider a popular drama place?? Do you know "You are Beautiful " Korean Drama is record at here? *lolx, I DONT KNOW*

搭着循环巴士来到这里~ 看到很多人都已经出来了~ 只有我才说要进去
Small House near toilet~ :P
晨静树木园的地图. 建议路线 2 > 5 > 11 > 13 > 16 > 19 > 20 > 23 > 25 > 26 > 27 > 34
Map of  The Garden of Morning Calm. Recommended route 2 > 5 > 11 > 13 > 16 > 19 > 20 > 23 > 25 > 26 > 27 > 34
The view have attracted me~
所有的人都出来, 只有我在进去(因该我是最后一位)
All the visitor already coming out, and I only the one coming in
红色的树叶~ 很漂亮!
The leaf is nice~

走到山上看风景~ 一个字“赞”
The flower also very colorful
A Bridge
I'm in the country who has AUTUMN!
过了桥, 你就会看到很多椅子~
After the bridge you can see many chair~
The view is many chair~
这样的景色~ 还有人在那里“谈情说爱”
Look like this~ is different beside than just tree and flower~
在走~ 就是一片空地~
Go back to flower view again
这景色有点像 《信医》的大结局, 男主角的等待! (不过很像不是在这里拍摄)
This place i personally feel like the faith Korean drama scene~

The flower at here also look colorful~
what color also have.
天色说变就变~ 6.00pm 罢了.....
The sky is getting dark, and now only 6.00 pm.....(need to be fast!)
but still able to take photo~
this is what I look from up to down.....
终于暗下来了~ 6.15pm 罢了~
OK~ 6.15pm and I dun even see a word.....
Is time to go back
Do you see people study at night like this?
其实~ 路灯还蛮亮的~
But at night still got many light beside~ still consider can find my way out...
Inside also have cafe~
This is the ticket selling place ~

有点遗憾~ 没能在限时内走完整个晨静树木~ 不过, 本来对这里毫无兴趣的我~有了不一样的看法咯!!
I will GO AGAIN NEXT TIME!! because I havent walk  finished all the Garden in the time given ~

Rate :10 / 10

更多详情 For more information

晨静树木园  The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원)

地址 Address: 432 Sumogwon-ro, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

门票 Entrence Fee :8000 Won

营业时间 Operation Hours: 8.30 am - 6.30pm

交通 Transport :
1) 搭乘地铁至加平站, 出站后到 Information Center 前转搭加平旅游循环巴士 (5000 Won)至晨静树木园
1) Transit to  GapYeong Station, Walk to Information Center and wait for the shuttle bus (5000 Won day trip) to The Garden of Morning Calm.

2) 搭乘地铁至清平站, 出站后到 Information Center 前转搭加平旅游循环巴士 (5000 Won)至晨静树木园 (比较近)
2) Transit to  Chongpyeong Station, Walk to Information Center and wait for the shuttle bus (5000 Won day trip) to The Garden of Morning Calm. (Nearer to Station)

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