Friday, December 26, 2014

美功铁道集市 Maeklong Railway Market

Me and Signboard

这地方是我很想来的一个地方- 美功铁道集市. 因为小时候看电视节目有看到这个特别的集市, 觉得满不错所以有机会 当然是来看看! 从水上市场过来已经是下午了~所以就到这里等火车~ 也能一边逛逛, 买些吃的~
Maeklong Railway Market is one of the destination I want to go from small, because last time saw one travelling show got come here. Feel quite special for this market. So after the floating market, I have come to this Maeklong Railway Market to wait for the moment (Train passing by). So while waiting, I can buy some fruit to eat at the railway site.

Train Station is in side
The time table for the train
This is the market on the railway when business time (train haven come)
火车要到的时候~ 个个摊位都收起来让火车过~
The view of the train is coming! *Interesting*

美功铁道集市最特别的卖点是因为这集市是开在火车轨道两侧! 各个店面都能收缩自如~ (店员个个都练到S 腰 POSE)*呵呵*. 当火车来时会有警告声, 然后店面就会收起. 再来就是火车慢慢的经过~ 火车离我非常地进, 有10cm 吧!(进到我 都能动到火车了!!是一个不错的体验!)

The special of Maeklong Railway Market is because the market can open and close easily when the train is coming. (Besides you also can see many of the worker body can train till S shape when the train is coming- my video)*haha*. When the train come, will have announcement, then the train will come slowly. The train is very close to me, and I can touch it with my hand too!

The train video + S shape body beside~ *lolx*

RATE : 8/10

更多详情 More Information

美功铁道集市 Maeklong Railway Market

地址 Address : Phet Samut, Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram, Samut Songkhram 75000

火车时间表 Train Time Table :

四班 从Ban Laem 站出发火车 Train from Ban Laem Station

四班 从Maeklong 站出发火车 Train From Maeklong

交通 Transport : 包车服务 Hire Car Service

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