Monday, February 22, 2016

疯狂屋让我也疯狂 Crazy House make me CRAZY

入门~ 买票
Buying Ticket
门票价钱 40 000 Dong
Ticket price 40 000 Dong
 如果听到疯狂屋这名字,大家的想象会是什么?? 来到大叻发现了这里不仅有法国情调的景色还有很多古怪的建筑物~ 这里还在进行建设,因该会一直扩建! 这里的建筑物让我甘拜下风,因为都很特别的古怪, 古怪到来又很美丽,美丽到来又很可爱! *哈哈* 这里的设计是位设计师 Nga 设计的.
When people say "Crazy House", what will you think of?? Dalat is a wonderful place which crazy house hide in. When I come, it still got many places under construction...I think it's will still continue to expand this place. But the design and the structure of the building make me feel amazing because all the building let me feel like not in the real world (Very special). All the design is design by the designer name call Nga.

Friday, February 19, 2016

被香味唤醒的比薩特青年旅馆 Waken Up by pizza smell in Pizzatethostel.

比薩特青年旅馆很不错,不过距离城市有点远,需走30 分钟. 比薩特青年旅馆其实是一半卖比薩,一半拿来做青年旅馆. 所以每天早上都会被他们烤的比薩味唤醒~ 虽然说比薩特青年旅馆是比薩店,但房间很大也很干净!
Pizzatethostel is a very nice hostel (recommended), but it's a bit far from Dalat city, need to walk about 30 min to reach. Pizzatethostel is actually half hostel half pizza restaurant. That why I always wake up by the smell of pizza that they bake. The hostel is big and clean although it's is restaurant.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

大叻溪降户外活动 Dalat Canyoning Having Fun

Let me show you how to canyoning.

如果你有惊人的胆量,强壮的心脏,人又在大叻,一定要去尝试溪降这个户外极限运动在达坦拉瀑布~什么是溪降? 溪降指的是在悬崖处沿瀑布下降的运动,由瀑布主体缘绳下跃,或顺水滑降。由于长期被瀑布冲刷的石头很滑,再加上溪水对下降者的冲击,会影响判断力,所以溪降比普通的岩壁下降更有挑战性。在大叻体验溪降,你不必要有经历也不必要会游泳(因为我也是这样).
If you at Dalat and you are brave enough or heart strong enough for some adventure activity, you must have a try for the Canyoning at Datanla Waterfall. What is Canyoning? Canyoning is an activity that includes hiking, trekking, swimming, water sliding, jumping and abseiling but abseiling is the main thing. You can do all these thing without any experience required like me.

大叻溪降需带什么?很像没有什么带,除了钱,鞋和防晒油. 其他的都可以不用带. 因为他们都为你准备好了. 吃的, 用的,安全措施都有了, 照片也能帮你拍. 这些照片都是他们拍了放上FB的.
What to bring to canyoning? Actually nothing, except money, sport sandals/water shoes and sun block. Because other they already prepare for you such as english speaking professionally trained guide, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, fruit snack, purified drinking water, picnic lunch, transport as listed above and high-quality rappelling gear. Beside they also help you take picture, so no worry no picture.

Friday, February 5, 2016

中山纪念堂周边景点 Walk Around Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall

Place Around Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall

今天来个蓝线一日游, 所以就这样选了这里啦~ 来到纪念堂站 D2 出口, 出站 后直走就会看到中山纪念堂在你的右边拉! 进去不用钱, 但如果要进建筑屋里面就要入门票啦!这里是历史区,建筑物是为了纪念孙中山而筹建的~ 我对历史没什么兴趣~ 所以,我都在外拍拍看看(这里很大!).
Today travel use metro travel around in the blue line, so decide to visit this Memorial Hall Station. This Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall is free, but if you want to visit inside the building, you need to pay RMB 10. This place consider historical place because they build this building is to memory Sun Yat. I'm not the person who like historical thing, so I did not go inside the building. I just walk around the park (It's very big!)