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韩国首尔秋天游 Autumn Beautiful Seoul (1)

第一天Day 1
Busan  >  Seoul  >  Dagaon Guesthouse  >  Jangchungdan Park

带着兴奋的心情, 一早乘搭AA来到釜山 (3.45pm), 吃个午餐, 然后搭KTX 到首尔去(3个小时的车程). 到首尔已经 8:00 - 9:00 PM 了 + 迷路了一下,问了问人后才找到我的住宿 (其实不难找,因为当时地铁出口在装修所以才找不到路口)
My 3rd place backpack in Korea when Autumn time *Feel excited*. Early in the morning around 4.30am, I sit the Aero Bus from Bukit Tinggi Premiere Hotel to KLIA2 only costs me RM10/way.  I reach Korea Busan at 3.45pm, then go and redeem my KTX ticket to Seoul (3 hour ride). When reach Seoul already 8:00 or 9:00 pm. Waste some time in finding my accommodation due to the exit is under construction.
我的飞机到韩国 *兴奋*
My fly to Korea
Reach Busan International Airport
一下飞机就有巴士载哦~ 好好
They have transits Bus
然后搭捷运到 KTX Station
Sit train to KTX station
Busan Night View
riding KTX from BUSAN > SEOUL
*YEAH* 找不到出口, 但遇到韩国学生, 她人好好~会带路 还 会唱一点点的甜蜜蜜~ *哈哈*
Cant find my way out to my hostel and meet a Korea student, she is nice, bring us and lead us the way to our hostel.

在 Dagaon Guesthouse 安顿好一切后就在附近的便利商店吃晚餐~这里的垃圾要分类的(我傻傻分不清),还好当时有位先生教我们如何分类~ 
After Check in at Dagaon Guesthouse, then is time to go out hunt for food~ but come to the nearest mart for maggie dinner (Taiwan maggie nicer). After eat, I dunno how to throw my rubbish, but luckily got one korean uncle very nice help and teach me throw my rubbish. I can say they separate the rubbish into many waste, got chopstick waste, cup noodle waste, soup waste and more.

My dinner Cup Noodle (950 Won) + Ice Cream (2000 Won)
吃饱后当然要到处看看,所以到附近的公园(奖忠坦公园)散散步.我发现韩国人很流行夜里跑步/运动(如果是在马来西亚,一早就被人打抢了). 这公园实在太漂亮了(虽然天黑看不到, 但感觉很美,空气也清新) ~所以找了一天早上去看看这美丽的公园。散散步消化下再回宿舍休息,玩了整天的车程,是时候休息了~ 明天还有更美的风景看~
After dinner, is time to have some walk to digest my late dinner. So went to the nearer park which is Jangchungdan Park. It's is a nice park (Malaysia also dont have this kind of park). Feel korean people like to have night jogging, and feel quite safe too (if at Malaysia jog at night, I think the person who jog will missing). Although it already dark, but the view is very nice, NICE until I need to find one day morning to come and have a look.

Walking in Jangchungdan Park
Found a Hanok here
Morning Park
The morning view of Jangchungdan Park is so different compare with at night
Still got bridge
Have some look in the video~~

Here is the map which I have visit near my Hostel

第二天 Day 2

Nami Island  >  The Garden of Morning Calm  >  Dongdaemun Market / Shopping

一大早爬起来吃了早餐后,就到附近的便利商店买了香蕉牛奶(人家说来到韩国一定要喝....只能说奶味很重,不是我的胃口) ~然后就搭火车出发到南怡岛玩啦!搭火车大概车程需1小时然后换巴士30分钟.在南怡岛玩够后,肚子也饿了, 就在附近的餐馆医肚子~
Early in the morning wake up and have my breakfast at hostel. After that, walk to the nearest mart to buy banana milk (Many people say come korea MUST drink), but too bad I dont like it because the milk taste too strong. After that, travel to Nami Island by train (1 hour). Then after reach Gapyeong station, need to change to buy (30 min). Play whole morning at Nami Island, but I feel it's not enough for me. In the afternoon, I have my lunch near the Nami Island Pier~ I have order a Bibimbap which cost me 7000 Won. But luckily, my roommate treat me lunch, because I bring her go visit such a nice place ~ *YEAH*.
我和香蕉牛奶 (1200 Won)
Me and Banana Milk (1200 Won). Dont like the taste.
Sit train go play~~
Waiting for Gapyeong Train
在河边的一间餐厅吃拌饭 (7000Won)
My lunch near Nami Island Pier - BiBimbap (7000Won)
Mix Rice
if you wan to go petite france or morning calm, you can wait the bus at opposite (which is the 7-11 front door)
吃完午餐后就搭着巴士到晨静树木园看看花花草草. 因为是秋天所以你可以在晨静树木园看到美丽的菊花和华丽的丹枫用棕色,金黄色,红色染遍树林园 . 不过因为时间的关系,也没什么走到, 就只走到开头而已 (里面是个很大很大的花园), 因为还有很多东西还没有看到. 然后搭最后一班的巴士回宿舍休息一阵子后,才在出发到东大门.
After lunch, then our next station is The Garden of Morning Calm where is to see plant~ The scenery here is pretty than Nami Island *lolx*. But due to time is not allow, I also did not finished visit this place because this garden is so HUGE!    After that, we take the last bus (7.00pm) and go back to our hostel to have some rest, then only start our mid night shopping mode at  Dongdaemun Market shopping heaven. But unlucky, no mid night shopping here due to some accident.

* 如果想要到我的第二天行程的地方, 可以考虑搭加平旅游循环巴士. 价钱5000 Won 一天游~ 可以到不同的地方.像是建议行程 : 加平汽车站 > 南怡岛 (高空滑降) > 小法兰村 > 晨静树木园 > 清平汽车站 (不过我觉得没时间逛完这些地方在一天里面.)
If you want to come to the place that I go in my 2nd day, you can sit the Gapyeong tour bus which cost 5000 Won for a day trip. You can go any place in one day with this pass. Recommended travel schedule : Gapyeong Station > Nami Island > Petite france > The Garden of Morning Calm > Cheongpyeong Station  (But I dont think you able to travel all the places in one day)

Gapyeong tour bus look like this
加平旅游循环巴士价钱表Gapyeong tour bus price
加平旅游循环巴士时间表Gapyeong tour bus Time table
加平旅游循环巴士可到达的地方Places that Gapyeong tour bus go 
第三天 Day 3
Gwangjang Market > Lotte World Theme Park > Seokchon Lake > Samcheongdong

今天打算到乐天世界玩, 不过因为乐天没那么早开,所以就到广藏市场吃到饱!! 吃饱后才到乐天世界玩. 不过天不做美,跟我下雨, 害我外面的游乐措施(刺激的)没得玩, 因为户外的娱乐设施全部都关 , 只能玩户内的设施 *伤心*....
Today want to have some fun at Lotte World Theme Park, But Theme Park always open late, do decided to go Gwangjang Market for breakfast first before we play. But the weather is not good that day, the outdoor theme park is close. *Haiz...*.I just can play at indoor.

还好附近有黄色巨鸭看 ~能让我的心情平息下. 黄色巨鸭在石村湖水展出,因为不知道大概在哪,所以问了路人. 还好, 最后终于让我找到. 沿着石村湖水你还可看到乐天世界的户外设施哦!!
Beside Lotte World, there is also the Famous Rubber Duck near there. It's located at Seokchon Lake. Miss the time when it's come Malaysia. So now come korea for visit.

Walking out from Lotte World
See the scene of Magic Island.
cant play....
Look what I found?
the duck is waiting me
Finally me and the Rubber Duck
亲一个吧~ 没有走靠近!! 因为那里好多人~ 这里没有人... 哈哈
Lets' Kiss
How to go?
因为还有很多时间所以就到安国站附近走走~ 因为想到北村韩屋村看看韩国古迹. 这里的建筑物真的很古老~ 附近很多东西可以看, 像是仁寺洞, 国力民俗博物馆,三清洞等.
After visit the Rubber duck, we still have plenty time (The night is still young). So is time to go to another place. So I come to Anguk Station to find the some interesting place to see see look look~ 1st station Bukchon Hanok Village, the building at here is like Hanok style~ all the house is old version house but the house price here i think will be expensive!!

Korea lottery?? *hahaha*
come to anguk station and exit no 1 exit , go straight and you will see the Hyundai building infront. there have a sigh board leading you to Bukchon Hanok Village.
Follow the Bukchon Hanok Village sign!
Saw a nice Chinese restaurant and sit down to have my dinner.
This restaurant have many worker come to eat~ maybe due to near the Hyundai Office.
Due to many people, I just can sit aside~
豚肉 (4000 Won)
Pork Meat 
(4000 Won)
炸酱面 (4000 Won)
Jjajangmyeon (4000 Won)

海鲜面 (4000 Won)
Seafood Myeon(4000 Won)

Walk around Bukchon Hanok Village
snap some memory~
Beans Bin Coffee
叫了杯大雪糕!! 9500Won
Call a fruit Ice Cream~  9500Won (expensive)
On top of the Ice cream, there have a pieces of chocolate. But I take for selfie~*lolx*
My Selfie.

安国站很大!!! 走到很累!!! 觉得需要一天的时间在这里
Actually Anguk is very big, 1 night can finished all the place. I recommended if you plan to come anguk, please come for 1 whole day! 

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