Friday, May 29, 2015

不得不看的巴龙舞 Must See Barong Dance at Bali

巴龙舞是巴厘岛舞蹈艺术的精髓,也是印度尼西亚最出名的舞蹈, 所以都来到了巴厘, 导游就带我们去看巴龙舞. 故事描述的是善恶势不两立的故事。剧中无论是服装、身段、角 色扮演、配乐以及剧情发展上都简单易懂,轻易地超越了语言的隔阂。巴龙(Barong)是善神的化身,由双人演出,如同中国的舞狮,只是头部较似北京犬。让特(Rangda)是恶神的化身,形如女巫一头杂乱的长发,尖而长的指甲。巴龙舞表达了善与恶两种势力的均衡与无止境的对抗,而非一般戏剧所强调的贬恶扬善。巴厘岛人对善恶的特殊观点也同样在其善恶门建筑中可以发现。剧中除了优美的双人舞蹈,也穿插了丑角诙谐的表演,加上武场的演出,使得巴龙舞成为老少咸宜的舞剧。
Barong is probably the most well known dance in Bali, so our Tour guide bring us to Sagadewa to see Barong Dance. This dance is narrating the fight between good and evil. The story goes that Rangda, the mother of Erlangga, the King of Bali in the tenth century, was condemned by Erlangga's father because she practiced black magic. After she became a widow, she summoned all the evil spirits in the jungle, the leaks and the demons, to come after Erlangga. A fight occurred, but she and her black magic troops were too strong that Erlangga had to ask for the help of Barong. Barong came with Erlangga's soldiers, and fight ensued. Rangda casted a spell that made Erlangga soldiers all wanted to kill themselves, pointing their poisoned keris into their own stomachs and chests. Barong casted a spell that turned their body resistant to the sharp keris. At the end, Barong won, and Rangda ran away.

开始咯~ 游客们找好位置看好戏了~
We find a good place to sit and wait for the show start.
Barong Come out~~
Why Monkey?
Finally finished~~
看不懂 (因为他们用他们的语言),但还是要做纪念~
Although I'm not understanding what they talk about during the show, but I still able to understand the whole storing by looking at their brochure
Nice show~

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