Sunday, May 3, 2015

雨天的乐天世界 Having Rain at Lotte World Theme Park

到每一个国家, 我一定会到那里的游乐园逛逛 (因该我的童心未了),所以到了韩国也不例外. 选了到乐天世界玩~不过天气不美,竟然给我下起雨来,害我好多东西没的玩到 *伤心*
Saw Running Man come here to tear name tag, feel this place is fun! So decided to come here to have some fun like them. But the weather is not nice *Sad*,  all the outdoor theme park have close due to raining.
来到乐天Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
Cute Yellow Rubber Duck
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If you want to have a save money Korea Trip, you can go to below link to download and print out the discount Coupon.
我Print Out 了 Konest 的10% 乐天游~ 不管你有几个人都有10% 哦! 买了票后就进去了. 里面很大, 有户内与户外. 虽然下雨很遗憾,户外的设施都没有开, 但我还是不管雨有多大就这样冒雨到户外去看看. 不过说真的户内也很大,可以玩上半天呢!!
I found Konest website have Lotte World Theme Park 10% discount. So I print out to and give them to claim my 10% discount of the entrance fees. Inside Lotte world theme parks there is indoor and outdoor theme park. All theme park is very big. Although raining outside, I still want to have some look out there. But Indoor park already make me use my half day playing.

They are welcoming me~
这里的员工都很亲切~ (不会累,不会闲,重复又重复的喊口号)
The worker also very friendly~~
Like fairy tales story scene~~
Indoor Look~~ 
Have Ice skating at the ground floor
这个圈在 Running Man 有印象吗? 我觉得很闷, 因为太慢, 不过有味道 (吐味很重)
Giant Loop ~ not fun at all, very slow (the smell is strong, Many people vomit here!!!!)
户内除了游乐设施,还有3D 壁画
Inside also have 3D Wall Art ~
Let's Go out to have some look~
冒着雨出去~ 有没有想 Disney Land??
Raining~ But I didnt have umbrella.
最后,让我从高空记下所有的 乐天世界!
Back to Indoor to have my last ride~~ 
在出去时发现的科技~~ 来留恋下!!
Lastly found a funny technology~ 
*If no rain, I can have more fun!!!

Rate : 8 / 10

Lotte World Theme Park

地址 Address : 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, 서울특별시 South Korea

门票 Entrance Fee: 大人 Adult : 46000 Won
                                小孩 Childer between : 31000 Won

营业时间 Operation Time : 9:00 am - 11:00 pm

网页 Website :

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