Wednesday, May 13, 2015

浪漫的金巴兰沙滩海鲜晚餐 Romantic Jimbaran Seafood

Jimbaran Beach

金巴兰沙滩海鲜晚餐是个不错的地方, 可以在海边看夕阳与用餐~晚上还有小小的烟花看. 有点小浪漫的地方. 如果想看夕阳, 一定要准时到金巴兰沙滩 (大概 6pm 这样),因为夕阳是很短暂的. 只有 5 分钟的美丽晚餐. 其余的都是烛光餐 *哈哈*
Jimbaran beach is a beautiful place~ we have our dinner at here with sunset view. At night, there have some small firework to see. Can consider a romantic place to visit (Candle light dinner at the beach). We reach here at 6pm because we plan to see sunset at the beach.

来到了金巴兰沙滩的海鲜店, 选了张“发”号座位,就开始乱乱在沙滩上跑. 因为实在是太美了!! 跑累了就座着等太阳下山和等着我的海鲜餐到来. 我的海鲜餐有 汤,鱼,肉,虾和菜. 统统都不错吃 (大概是因为景点美丽的关系,味道也好)
Come to one of the seafood restaurant at Jimbaran, I choose no. 8  table for our dinner. The view is very beautiful. Our dinner have soup, fish, meat, prawn and vegetable. The taste also very delicious (maybe due to the scenery is beautiful)

Our Sit
孤独的晚餐 Lonely

夕阳 Sunset

我的浪漫晚餐 My dinner
晚上的烟花 At Night Firework

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