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吃尽首尔广藏市场 Gwangjang Market (광장시장)

我为了要吃韩国传统食物而一大早爬起来到广藏市场找吃. 这里吃的东西很多,多到每间的东西都在重复卖, 像买拌饭就有十多间. 当然因为我来得早 (大概八点多),很多都还没开呢! 所以没有选择,只能看到什么吃什么.
Early in the morning around 8am something come to Gwangjang Market to hunt for my breakfast. There have alot of korea food inside. But due to I come too early (I think), many shop have open yet, but still some shop already open.

Gwangjang Market Front Door

一进大门就看到这一家卖面包的开档了~ 就来点一份吧 (1500 Won). 面包很香,鸡蛋里的料也很多, 面包里还有加少许糖,甜味和咸味的混合口感不错 (但我发现韩国的奶油都很香,好想买一打回去吃,因为在宿舍涂的奶油也很香)
Just come in to Gwangjang Market, saw a breakfast shop already open. So I call one bread to try, *Yummy* The egg taste nice due to the margarine they use is delicious. In the bread, they got put some sugar to make the taste sweet and salty~ *The taste is great*

阿珠妈~ yi go han ge ~
A ju ma, this 1 ~
吃了开胃餐, 现在进入主食,看到很多买一样的东西,就随便来到这家店 (看食物,看人选的),叫了碗紫菜包饭和(3700 Won). 紫菜包的饭没有很粒,有点逊掉. 不过鱼饼汤不错,汤味很够,还可Refill *呵呵*. 附加了 KimChi. 
After bread~ Then hunt for rice~ saw many shop all selling similar food. So, i simply go into one of the shop there and sit down to order 1 Kimbap and 1 Oden. Its cost me about 3700Won. The Kimbap rice is not delicious enough but the Oden soup taste good~ some more can refillable.*HeHe*. Beside kimchi also provided.

One of the shop I eat
The Food is calling me to sit down and eat them!!!
Dont like it, due to the rice. *Disappointed*
Oden Soup with Kimchi
the Owner "O NI"
看到了很多样想吃的东西,但肚子已经满了,所以只能望梅止渴.买拌饭的也很多档. 还有在韩国要吃葱饼,来到了家葱饼店, 觉得有点气, 他们不卖一片葱饼. 我一个人吃不了两片居然不卖我一片,问了几家也是这样. 他们的语气也很不好. 不吃算了!   但我看《奔跑兄弟》,同样的地方,同样的店,但他只跟她买 1/4 片,为何她都卖他!*不公平!!!! 想到都气*.  
Saw many food around attracted me, but my stomach already full. So I just can watch them. But when I plan to buy and eat their pancake they dont want to sell me. Due to I only buy one. Ask so many shop, they also dont want sell me. *ANGRY* So decided not to eat them. Until I saw Chinese <Running Man> , same shop I ask, Same place I buy, Same Place I stand  and they can sell them 1/4 pieces of pancake, but cant sell 1 pieces of pancake to me. IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

Bibimbap all around

这家饼的脾气最差!! 其他的不卖一片! 最多不吃!!
This is the pancake shop which the attitude is worst!! DUN SELL ME + SCOLD ME

广藏市场除了吃, 还有卖各种各样的腌制食物,与韩国传统衣服.
Beside food in Gwangjang Market, there is also selling many different type of Kimchi, Fish and Cloth (Hanbok) too.
Any thing you want to buy?
Which Kimchi nice?
Salted fished? lolx
Walk further~ you can see the direction sign
exit the food area, now to fashion area~
Some video about Gwangjang Market

RATE : 7/10

更多详情 More Information

首尔广藏市场 Gwangjang Market (광장시장)

地址 Address : 首尔特别市,中路区礼智洞 6-1号 (昌庆宫路88 号)

营业时间 Open Hours : 7:00 am - 22:00pm (Sunday close)                        

交通 Transport :
乘搭地铁到 中路5街站, 7号出口直走40公尺即可看到广藏市场 入口
Stop at Jongro 5 (o)-ga Station, exit No 7 and walk straight about 40m, then you will see Gwangjang Market main door~

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