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被广州石室圣心大教堂吸引 Have A Visit To Sacred Heart Cathedral (Guangzhou)

大家知道在中国有中国风味的建筑物~那,如果我说中国有外国风味的建筑物,大家因该会去看看吧~ 所以这次石室圣心大教堂是我来到中国广州,必去看看的景点之一. 
In china, there have many china feel old building~ If I say in china, there is also a gothic building in China, I'm sure all of you will go to have a visit there. So this time i go Guang Zhou , Sacred Heart Cathedral is in my must visit list plan~ 

石室圣心大教堂位于广州市区中心的一德路, 是天主教最宏伟与具有特色之一的一间大教堂~ 以是一间历史悠久的建筑物了!石室圣心大教堂也是全球四座座全石结构哥特式教堂建筑之一, 由于教堂的全部墙壁和柱子都是用花岗岩石砌造,所以又称之为“石室”.
Sacred Heart Cathedral is located at Yide Lu, This building is very uni and it's a historical building. It is the largest granite catholic structure in southeast Asia and of only four all granite Gothic churches in the world. Because the building is made by granite, so it's given the "stone house" by locals.

来到这里有种不是在中国的 FEEL~(超美的)石室圣心大教堂不管里外都让我震叹!! 虽然从地铁站来到这里满远下 (大概路程 15 min), 不过看到石室圣心大教堂一起都值得~
When I reach here, I feel that I not at China (Beautiful)~ and I have amaze by the building! Although we need walk quite long distance from the Metro station (about 15 min walking distance).

There have some information about this building~

建议大家想来这里穿端正一点如果想进圣殿内(不要穿短裤,短裙和吊带露肩膀的衣服). 像我如果穿短裤就不能进去教堂观礼了~ 不过门外会围巾借,可借来围如果想观礼~不过没关系~我在外也能自乐*呵呵*
If you want to have a look inside the building, I recommended please wear proper wear (DO NOT WEAR SHORT, MINI SKIRT OR SINGLET). Dont like me wear short, so I cant go in to the Sacred Heart Cathedral Hall. I just can stand outside...... But If you really want to go in, there have a booth outside the door, where you can borrow some scarf to cover your "extra skin" *lolx*. But It's not the problem for me, I very enjoy visit outside the Sacred Heart Cathedral~ the building is damn gorgeous!

Cant go in, only can stand outside snap~
我堂姐能进,所以就叫她拍多点照~ (*美到有点想在教堂结婚了*哈哈*My cousin can go in~ so I call her to snap as much photo as she can~ (*gorgeous until I feel wanna have my wedding in this church~)

Jump outside

RATE : 9 / 10

更多详情 For More Information

广州石室圣心大教堂 Guangzhou Sacred Heart Cathedral 

地址 Address   : 广州市越秀区一德路旧部前56/7号
开放时间 Operation Time :  平日 Normal Day 8:00 - 17:30

                                                          周日 Sunday 7:00 - 10:00

门票 Entrance Fee :  Free

交通 Transport :   搭乘地铁到 海珠广场地铁站 B1 出口,向西直走,步行10分钟左右便可抵达,哥特式建筑十分显眼 Sit metro to Haizhu Square Metro Station B1 exit and walk to WEST for about 10 min, and you can see the Sacred Heart Cathedral Building. 

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