Saturday, November 28, 2015

巴生日满冷气茶餐室吃鱼头 Houmoon Restaurant Eat Fish Head

Front view Of the shop

今天来到巴生日满冷气茶餐室吃鱼头 ~ 这间餐厅在巴生滨华国民型华文小学对面, 在 Boston 附近罢了~~这里的鱼头不错吃!
Today Come to Restoran Hou Moon to have a Fish Head meal. This shop located opposite SJK(C) Pin Hwa, near Boston Restoran. And the Fish Head hear is delicious. 

里面 Inside View
姜蒸鱼头 Ginger Paste Fish Head
四大天王 Four Kind King

芋头扣肉 (我的最爱)
Pork Yam (My favor)

清炒番薯叶 Sweet Potato Leaves

因为吃不多,所以统统叫了小份的,也没有叫多~ 不过全部味道不错,只是少了点!
Because I eat not much, so all food I only order small amount . But overall the food is not bad~ but too little for me . *HAHA*

Rate : 8 / 10
更多详情 More Information
日满冷气茶餐室 Houmoon Restaurant 

地址 Address : 34 & 36, JALAN LEBOH TAPAH ,KAW 18, 41400,KLANG,SELANGOR

营业时间 Operating Hours : Mon - Sun 9.30am - 3.30 & 6pm - 9pm (Every Thursday Close)

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