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RM700 一个人到棉兰 - 多巴湖豪华之旅 RM700/Pax to Medan Laketoba (1)

因为机票便宜所以就买了几张机票跟家人到多巴湖 3 天2夜游~ 我们在这次的旅程
一共用了RM3500,所以一个人大概少过RM700 (包到完). 虽然有点小贵~ 但这次的旅程我觉得值得!!
Plan a trip to Laketoba with family for 3 Day 2 Night using RM3500 for the whole family. So mean one person around RM700 (All including). What you all think? expensive or cheap? For me I think it's worth for it.
This is my Laketoba Budget
这个是我的 3天2夜大概的价钱用处

Sun Raise at Airport
因为从棉兰到多巴湖的路程遥远,棉兰到多巴湖有两条路可走,一个是走berastagi (路程大约7-8小时, 可看火山),另一条是走 Siantar(路程大约4-5个小时)到 Parapat坐船 (45 分钟)到多巴湖. 所以我选择了不看活火山,走Siantar路线(路程大约4-5个小时 + 船程 45分钟), 大概一共 6 小时到目的地.
There have two route to go Laketoba, which are :
1) Berastagi route (7 - 8 Hours drive)
2) Siantar route (4 - 5 Hours drive)
Due to some time arrangement issue, I decided to take Siantar route to Parapat (need another 45 min for ferry trip) to reach Laketoba.

订了一早的飞机飞到棉兰去.因为是一家人到多巴湖所以决定跟我的住宿的管理人联络安排了机场接送. 要出发前几天,住宿的管理人给了我司机的名字,电话,车歀与车牌好让我能联络. 负责载送我们的司机叫 BP Siahaan, 是 Parapat 人,英文不大好,所以没办法,全程用我的国语 (不错用),来载我们的车是 Innova. 一路上,如果看到喜欢的地点可叫司机停车.我们到了机场大概10am, 所以到Parapat大概3-4点 + 吃午餐 (载送价钱 :1000000/way)
So before come to Medan, I have arrange with my hostel owner for Airport transfer (Tranfer fees 1000000/way). The driver use Innova to fetch us to Parapat. You can also ask the driver to stop wherever you want along the siantar route. I have stop few places for food and shopping.

The place I stop along the siantar route

Siantar (算小镇)这里有很多餐厅,所以我们选了间云吞面店, 名叫 Awai Mie Pansit 吃午餐. 你不要看这间店很普通, 如果你上去楼上坐,你会觉得你在 PUB 里吃面 (还有乐房), 完全和店外不同! 楼上有冷气,楼下没有。 云吞面也不错,还很大碗!
Siantar have many restaurant, what food you want to eat, you can tell the driver. Or if you sit bus, here is also one of the stop they stop. So I decided to eat Wan Tan Mee. My driver bring us to Awai Mie Pansit for dinner. The environment is different between 1st floor and 2nd floor. 2nd floor have air-con while 1st floor only fan. But the decoration at 2nd floor is rock. The Food here Mee Pansit (Wan Tan Mee) is nice~~ I like their food.

1st floor
2nd floor
这间云吞面店楼上设计很 ROCK. 一定要上楼上看看,这云吞面好吃~~
Mie Pansit (Must try) Nice! 
吃饱后,我们就到附近的观音庙去看看. 这里刚刚新建, 还有一所学校.之后才到 Parapat 坐船过湖到对面的 TukTuk 岛. 不过从Siantar 到 Parapat, 会有上山哦~ 风凉凉的,像去云顶似的. 你还可以看到很多在路边卖油的油都被冬得变白色了. (建议会晕车的人,带药在身边,因为这里很多司机都很狼,我的司机还好~)
After Lunch, we go to Vihara Avalokitesvara Kwan Im for a visit. You can see the Kwan Im along the way. There is a school there too.After visiting, we will go to Parapat for ferry to Tuk Tuk crossing the Lake~ But along the road, you will go up and go down the mountain, and the weather is cold~like going to genting highland. (Recommended those people who is not suitable sit long distance car, please bring along your medicine, because most of the driver here is damn PRO to make you vomit. *LOLX* )

Kwan Im
On the way to Parapat

几个小时的车程,终于到了目的地 “Parapat”. 我们定了湖中之岛上的其中一间民宿,酒店给了我们很好的服务~ 他安排了人来接我们到民宿! 不过,从Parapat 到 TukTuk 还需要 45 分钟的船程,IDR 75000 /人 一程罢了. 上了船(工作人员会和你收钱)
After few hour drive, we finally reach Parapat via Siantar Route. Because we book our hotel on the Island in the lake, so we need to take ferry from Parapat to Tuk Tuk crossing the lake. we need pay another IDR 75000 /pax for one way to rid the ferry, (Go up to the ferry, only the worker will come and collect). But our hotel have arrange their worker come and bring us to their hotel.

Reach Parapat Pier.
Parapat 到 Tomok 的时间表
Time Table for Parapat to Tomok
Parapat 到 TukTuk 的时间表
Time Table for Parapat to Tuktuk
我们的船 (很多老外, Asia 人很少)
The ferry that we sit
在Parapat 码头的景色
View from the Parapat Pier
走咯~~ 有小孩跳湖表演 *哈哈*
The ferry start the journey~
View of Parapat
Going to Tuk Tuk
TukTuk 的景色
View of Tuk Tuk
Going to reach Tuk Tuk
The place I stop along the way

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