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到台湾穷游需要什么? Information backpack In Taiwan

想要在台湾穷游的 “同鞋们” 可以申请 / 购买 / 下载 以下这几样东西, 能方便各位在台湾 “趴趴走”!
If you want to backpack in Taiwan, you can register / buy / download the things to easy you travel in Taiwan .

Register as a member of Youthtravel.

凡是 15 - 30 岁的青年都可申请. 你能用这个卡得要许多的优惠.  不错用!
All 15 - 30 year old youth can register yourself as a member. You can use this Youthtravel card for some discount over taiwan. For example some discount in food or bicycle renting.

申请方式 How To Register
a) 到这里了解更多详情
You can go  HERE to this web site and have a look for more information

b) 免费 It's Free
c) 请记得带证明年龄之身分證件(国內青年出示身份证、健保卡或駕照、国际青年出示护照或外僑居留证)Need to bring Passport or IC for your age prove.
d) 现场填妥青年旅遊卡申请书后立即发卡 (我是打印出来填好后,直接在桃园机场抵达地交上表格,很快就拿到了。)
You can fill up the Youthtravel form on the spot and get the card on the spot. (I print out the from from the internet and fill it up, when reach the airport, I just pass up the form. In a while, they already give me the Youthtravel card. )

** If you loss your Youthtravel card, you can fill up the form again at the place you register, and they will give you a new card again.

The Youthtravel Card Look

2)悠遊卡 Easy Card

是一张很好用的卡,像是你能用你的悠遊卡搭捷运 / 公车可享有车费8折优惠哦, 也不会浪费时间排队买票. 这卡也能用在7-11, Family Mart 或 OK Mart 等来买东西.
Easy card is very useful. You can use it at any metro station or buy. The fee for transport will must more cheaper compare you buy on the spot. It also can use in all the 7-11, family mart or OK mart shop to buy things.

购买方式 How To Buy

a) 可到各个台北捷运站购买, You can buy at all metro station
    - 普通悠遊卡每张 台币 200 (卡内包含台币100)
    - Normal Easy card cost around TWD 200 (Inside have TWD 100)

b) 悠遊卡充值 : 可到各个台北捷运站与全台贴有悠游卡标志的便利商店 ( 7-11, 全家便利商店,莱尔富与OK超商) 加值 , 每次加值金额为新台币100 元或其倍数。
If you want to reload, you can go to any metro station, 7-11, ok mart or family mart. The minimum top up is about TWD100 or more.

c) 悠遊卡也可退还,如果悠遊卡使用少过5次, 捷运会收取 台币20 的退卡费, 否则卡内余额会全数退回。
You also can return the easy card if you do not use anymore. If you use less then 5 time, they will charge you TWD 20 for return fee. If more than, they will return you all the amount in the Easy Card.

想了解更多详情关于悠遊卡可到 这里
If you need to know more information, you can click here.
Easy Card Look like

3) 申请台北公共免费WIFI 
Register TPE - Free WIFI

TPE-Free是台北市政府提供的免费无线上网(free Wi-Fi)服务,只要在来台湾来之前先网路申请,完成以后三天内收到帐号密码,来台就可免费使用(虽然信号不算好),这帐号同时可以用在全台湾的iTaiwan wifi。
TPE-Free is free wifi provided in Taiwan. You can register it for free and use it in taiwan when every there is a iTaiwan wifi signal.

申请方式 How To Register
a) 到 这里 申请 You can come here to register

b) 输入你的资料 Fill up the detail

c) 申请2个工作日后收到E-mail确认通知与帐号密码(账号是通行证号码,密码是出生年月)
You will get an email after two day from the date you register 


If success register, you can access the wifi for free at any place such as metro station, or train station.

** 请于来台前二至七天申请TPE-Free帐号,作业时间约需一至二个工作日。帐号激活后有效期限制,建议不要太早申请

** Recommended register  7 day before you come to taiwan. Dont register too early.

4) 宝贝机已经停止了... 所以可到 7-11 申请电话卡, 又快又方便,也不会贵 。 或是 到机场办理手机上网卡. 台湾大哥大的10天无限流量上网的套餐,台币800也包含一些话费。
Buy telephone card at 7-11 or at Airport you ask the person for the phone package.

5) 可下载 台北捷运 Taipei Metro (MRT) Download 台北捷运 Taipei Metro (MRT)

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