Wednesday, September 9, 2015

韩国首尔秋天游 Autumn Beautiful Seoul (3)

第六天 Day 6
Jagalchi Market > BIFF Market > Haeundae Beach > Hotel Aqua Palace jjimjilbang

又是一早的飞机,搭计程车到济州机场然后飞到釜山. 来到釜山已经下午了~ 因为今天计划到汗蒸幕去. 很多韩剧都是到那里拍摄,还有一样就是住宿可省下一笔!
Another morning fly again from jeju to busan. Today plan is abit different, we did not plan to stay in hotel or guesthouse, we are going to stay at jjimjilbang. Because many korea drama going there recording and I can save my stay cost too.

因为知道要去汗蒸幕, 所以提前到我预定的第二天住宿放行李. 然后才开始我的釜山旅途. 我们先来到札嘎其市场吃午餐与逛逛附近的几个市场~ 再到海边旁的汗蒸幕去.
Because I plan to stay in jjimjilbang at night, so I decided to go there before 8pm because after 9pm the price is higher. When we reach busan, we go to our hostel to put our luggage, then only go walk around. Our 1st place is Jagalchi Market where we have our delicious seafood lunch~ and also walk around there to see shop something. There have many market, such as BIFF Square and Gukje Market all near this station. After finished walking, eating and shopping, we start our journey to jjimjilbang. The jjimjilbang actually located at the Haeundae beach~~(is a nice place) , is the chance i can play at the beach~~ before going to Hotel Aqua Palace jjimjilbang.

札嘎其出去就是 札嘎其市场
Jagalchi station to Jahalchi market
附近的几个市场 BIFF Square
BIFF Square
Going to Haeundae beach and jjimjilbang
stop at one of the cafe for resting.

第七天 Day 7
40 Step Culture & Tourism Theme Street > Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo > Gam Cheon Culture Village > Lotte Mart

第二天一早就到处去走了~ 来到住宿附近的40階梯文化觀光主題街看艺术~~ 这里其实很多咖啡厅与隐藏版的艺术看.
Early in the morning, we straight away when out from the jjimjilbang, because they got event and the price is high, So we when back to our hostel and go to 40 Step Culture & Tourism Theme Street. This street have many art and also many cafe. For the art, you need to find slowly, some is at the alley far far away. *lolx*. Here also have the stair where the RM film.

The map in this station
Art flying?
Couple Kissing~

Quite many this kind of art
going down the beautiful stair
这就是 RM 其中一个拍摄景点
This is the RM place~ they throw the shoes see which one throw higher using their leg~

来,姐姐叫你弹~ (出了国,还要工作! 我真的是工作狂)
Haiyoyo~ you travel also want to work a!

之后因为还有很长的时间,我们就到Gam Cheon Culture Village去看看美丽的小村~然后晚上才到南浦乐天百货店最后的冲刺! 来到了南浦乐天百货一定要看它们的喷水表演 (很好看哦)~好像每个小时都有一场~我只能说马来西亚的百货不能比, 输得很惨,什么都没有. 南浦乐天百货还有一个很大很大的露天公园,小动物园, 观景天台等 *赞*
After that, we go to have some visit at Gam Cheon Culture Village for the colorful houses. Then only go Nampo Dong Lotte Department Store for our last shopping, because the next day we need to go back to Malaysia *Sad* But by the way, the shopping mall is far far away better than our Malaysia shopping mall. There have once Watershow everyhour will have once ~ I made it to see it! *Feel Cool* Beside, the roof top of the shopping mall is damn nice! you can have many activity on the roof top, for example got a small zoo~ can see the whole busan view~ can have some cafe on it, can put couple lock, can have maze on there, 3D art and more~

 The indoor look venezia feel~
我 12 pm 看得喷水表演
The water show at 12 pm~

喷水秀 *请不要请我的配音*
Water show video~*please ignore my sound*

Going up to the roof top
See such a beautiful garden~
The cartoon on the lift is so cute~ *lolx*
Fake animal at here
the maze runner at behind~~
have a cup of coffee?
Look~ still got up stair
The map at roof top
Going up to the ZOO
Rabbit? turtle?
The little Zoo area~

Love u!
The Busan yongdusan park view~
Have some art photo
太晒了~ 用钱遮太阳 (本小姐就是有钱 *哈哈*
The coin help me cover the shinning sun
View from higher stage.
Still got another building on top

360 degree view~
My luggage before going home~ Full of rubbish! 
要回的时候, 记得去免税店拿钱哦~~
remember to collect the money from here~ if you at airport.

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