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RM700 一个人到棉兰 - 多巴湖豪华之旅 RM700/Pax to Medan Laketoba (2)

到了TukTuk码头, 我住宿的员工与几只狗带我们到民宿去 (还有狗接我们),我们订的民宿是 霍拉斯家庭别墅. 这间民宿不错住~ 很多东西能做与relax. 多巴湖的天气很凉爽, 不会晒, 但会被晒伤 ,所以如果要出去玩记得搽防晒油~
After reach Tuk Tuk pier, the worker help use carry our luggage and the dog of the guesthouse also will come and welcome us. We book Horas Family Home. The services is 5 star and the activity during the stay also very fun + the food also very nice! Is a relaxing place and fun place to stay. In laketoba, the weather is nice~ windy and cold, but you will easily get sun burn... So please make sure you put some sun block before go out to play.

码头直走就会看到这个 Tourist information, 左边去 Tomok, 右边去我的住宿
When you reach the pier, you can walk straight and you will see a tourist information infront you. If you turn left go to Tomok, if you turn right is go Horas Family Home.

The everning view is good too <3
第二天一大早被美丽的早晨吵醒 (到现在还想念那时的新鲜空气). 吃了早餐,在我们的住宿玩了下, 才开始出发到处逛逛. 在这里你能租脚车,MOTOR 车, 和 用你的11 号巴士. 由于我们5 人只有2 人会骑MOTOR 所以只好选用11号巴士逛TukTuk一圈. 因为如果要到 Tomok (5KM) 或者瀑布(两小时车程) 都需骑MOTOR. 不要看 TukTuk小小一个岛,其实很大下 (对我来说 , 用了 3 小时来逛完 包括吃饭 *呵呵*
The next day, have some fun in Horas Family Home with the facility they provide such as kayak, fishing, feed rabbit, plug the vegetable and jumping the lake~. After that, go out have some walk around Tuk Tuk. If you look at the map, you think tuk tuk is just a small area, but I try walk around, it's quite big for me...(Asian people mind set different *lolx*) . Here you can rent a bike, or  bicycle or No 11 bus (leg) to go around. only 2 people know how to ride, other dunno, so we decide to use our No 11 bus to walk around tuk tuk (Finished whole tuk tuk for 3 hour including Lunch). But if you want to go Tomok (5km) or Waterfall and hot spring (2 hour ride), you must rent a motor for you to travel there from tuk tuk.

Tuk Tuk 的地图
Tuk Tuk Map
这家 Pizza 电 老板介绍好吃, 没吃到,因为早餐已经吃很饱了
This pizza shop is recommended by the Horas Family Home owner. (Just Walk pass, didnt stop for it, because our breakfast is too delicious.)

Go up the hill and see the lake~
you will see many of this along the road~~
Carolina's 的住宿好美~ 不过我还是喜欢我的住宿, 但进来看看没差!
Carolina's building is special, it's a hotel where this place is beautiful. Walk in to have a look~ 
Brother too emo, want to jump river... *lol*
这里有很多餐厅, 听我住宿的老板说有百多间... 但不是每一间都好吃. 所以如果来到这里,还想在住宿外吃, 记得要有等上1小时多的心理准备, 因为他们要准备煮. 我们一路经过了许多网上介绍的餐厅像是 Today Cafe, Maruba 等等. 但最后还是选了 Orari Restaurant (老板介绍).它在  Jenny's Restaurant隔壁罢了! 我喜欢这里的风景, 可以一边吹吹湖风, 看看风景, 吃吃饭, 人间享受 (不过记得带件冷衣/ 围巾)因为风会吹到你很冷哦!在这里我叫了 SOYA 猪肉,杂菜和烧烤辣椒鱼!它的烧烤辣椒鱼够辣又好吃很喜欢。 价钱又便宜 (比我在民宿吃的便宜多多)~~
After walk through so many restaurant which online many people introduce, such as Today Cafe, Maruba, we finally reach Orari Restaurant (The hotel owner recommended). It located beside Jenny's Restaurant. We have order a pork, a mix vegetable and the Ikan Bakar Sambar Tombur (delicious, the sambar is very nice and spicy~). When you come here to eat, please bring a jacket, it's cold when the wind blow in! but very nice try in here when you eating your meal, some cold wind blow in and make you feel very very cold.

The front view~
While eating, you can see the view too~
A pork in soya sauce, , a mix vegetable and the Ikan Bakar Sambar Tombur, All only need IDR 163000 only.
IDR 163000罢了....
Saw some garden and walk in.
The building in tuk tuk look like this
发现了没开的餐厅, 外面很漂亮一下~ 就觉得有点可惜
It's a nice restaurant with nice view, but too bad it's close...
不一样的景色~ 田园
Another view in tuk tuk beside lake~~
Way going back saw a church.
与家人的“豪华”游还算不错, 吃好的,住好的, 被服务到好的~通通好, 唯一不好就是我不会骑Motor. 不然我一定会玩完整个Laketoba!
This travel is not bad, all very good, treat by people good, food is good, stay is good. But still got some imperfection which is I DONT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE A MOTOR! (Want to learn it when I back Malaysia!!). If not I think I will travel finished around Laketoba.

RATE : 8/10

更多详情 For More Information :

Orari Restaurant

地址 Address: Jl Lingkar Tuk Tuk, Tuk Tuk Siadong - Lake Toba Simanindo, Samosir, Sumatera Utara - Indonesia, 22395
电话 Tel        :  0625 451 093 / 0813 9697 4343
Email :

* For all restaurant in Laketoba, you need to be patient. They will prepare the food for around 1 hour or more (Because they serve fresh). If they serve fast, mean its is the left from yesterday

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