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3天2夜的霍拉斯家庭别墅 3 Day 2 Night at Horas Family Home

为了给家人一次难忘的旅程,我上网查了很多间在 Parapat / Tuk Tuk 的旅馆,也发了很多封的 Email,但只发现霍拉斯家庭别墅 会回复我那些傻傻的问题. 所以这次的旅行住宿我就选了这里 "霍拉斯家庭别墅".
This time at Laketoba, I plan to give my family a different and good place to relax. So I online search many hotel in Parapat and Tuk Tuk, I also send as much email as I can to enquirer for the room or house. At the end ONLY Horas Family Home reply me. So I decided to choose here because some time I ask silly question, they also reply my question patiently.

工作人员会一路从 Parapat 带到您来到霍拉斯家庭别墅
The worker will bring you from parapat to Horas Family House. So dont worry you will lose or what.

虽然在网上看到与知道"霍拉斯家庭别墅" 的特别之处,但这里还是给了我很多很多的惊喜!! 所以这次我就展开了我的第一次的豪华旅程!! (为什么我会说是豪华? 因为与我平时的省钱旅游方式不一样哦!!) 
I online saw many good comment about Horas, but in the end, I still get many surprise from them. For example, the Horas Fish BBQ, The normal meal and the services. So, this time my travel can say is very luxury.It's worth to spend alot (but actually not alot also), to get a 5 star services.

要来到这里并不容易,所以跟这里的老板 (Mr Berend Bakker)安排了机场接送服务. 这机场接送服务需另外付费,一 趟 Siantar 路线   (4 - 5 小时)到 Parapat 码头 要 1,000,000 IDR, 没得讨价还价,因为这里安排的司机都会说英文. 还有一路上看到什么喜欢的地方随时都能叫司机停车哦!! 来到 Parapat码头, 霍拉斯家庭别墅的工作人员会去接你上船, 然后带你到目的地.
To get here is not easy. If you feel that you dont want Mr Berend Bakker to arrange the airport transfer for you, because it is expensive. You can go for the budget public transport. I choose to let Mr Berend Bakker help to arrange my transport from airport to Parapat via siantar route (4-5 hour), it cost me 1000000 IDR for the whole car with english speaking driver. Along the way to Parapat, we also call the driver to stop at the place we want. After reach Parapat, the worker will come and bring you to boat and to Horas Family Home (First time family trip got such treat)

到了霍拉斯家庭,一进门 Mr Berend Bakker 就会亲切的接我们, 但我们似乎已被周围的花园给吸引了.我爸还摘了他们种的 MangaBanana (就是芒果与香蕉的结合). 玩了一会儿才甘愿的到我们的住宿去听课~ 老板会跟我们说明屋子,活动,整个TukTuk和食物的一切. 
When reach Horas Family Home, Mr Berend Bakker already waiting us and explaining all the activity, food and the house facility to us. But we attracted with the garden beside the road side, where my father saw their special Mangabanana fruit and plug two to eat. 

The view once we step in
Our house front view
Only one Horas Family Home, Luckily I book earlier.
You can eat outside
Small living room
Kitchen what also have, you wan bake cake, cook rice, cook vegetable, all facility also have.
楼下的房间可睡5 人,还有书让你读(有些书看不懂,很多语言),每张床都有个蚊帐
The room at the bottom can sleep 5 people, and also got some book for you to read. (some book dont know read, because language that I dont know.)
Got upstair
Can Sleep 4-5 person
由于我们来到这里已经5 - 6pm, 所以老板建议我们在住宿吃饭, 因为这里的餐厅每间都要1 个小时才会出菜. 所以我们就 Order 了 Normal Meal (一个主餐 + 2样配料)可以自己搭配哦~ 很丰富一下~ 我order 时,以为会很少, 那里知道分量很多哦!!
Because we reach here already 5-6pm, So Mr Berend Bakker recommended us to take our dinner with them, because out there restaurant need 1 hours to prepared food and serve. If order with them, you can tell them when to serve you. So I order Normal meal for 5 people, where you can choose 1 main food and two side dish. (the meal is unexpected big)

The Menu they serve
 其实我是叫 Actually I call
1 Nasi Goreng ( Fried Rice) + Ayam Goreng BBQ (Fried Chicken BBQ) + Vegetable
1 Nasi Goreng ( Fried Rice) + Ayam Goreng BBQ (Fried Chicken BBQ) + Vegetable
1 Mie Goreng (Fried Noodle) + Ikan Goreng (Fried fish) + Vegetable
1 Mie Hun + Ayam Goreng BBQ (Fried Chicken BBQ) + Vegetable
1 Mie Hun + Ikan Filet (Fish fillet) + Kentang Rebus (Boiled potatoes)

这是我叫得五人分大餐, 还有 4 条鱼,1 盘菜,与1  盘薯条 附加甜品
The normal meal they serve, too big potion for us.
第二天一早被美丽的风景叫醒 (是件多么美好的事)~ 不过,还有件很重要的事,就是吃早餐!因为昨天有到附近的小杂货店买了几包 Maggie Mee, 所以今天就把它们煮来吃! 不过,因为住在这里,所以我的早餐能加料了! 到屋前的菜园摘免费又新鲜的菜吃~
I like here so much, the air is so fresh. In the morning, I wake up to see the nice morning view in laketoba~ So, the breakfast we cook our self with plunging their vegetable infront our house (Free). The vegetable taste so fresh and sweet, very nice~

这就是我所谓的美景~ 打打太极,呼吸着新鲜的空气~*爽歪歪*
Breath in the air~~ *FRESH*
The view in the morning
拔菜去咯~ 想吃什么菜呢?
What vegetable you feel to eat today? we go plug!
我吃饱后就是轮到兔子吃咯~ 这里有很多兔子,你能进去喂它们吃与和它们玩哦~也是免费的! 兔子吃饱了, 就是到鱼吃~ 这里有鱼钓,也有与鱼食料,你可以跟工作人员要鱼的食料去钓鱼~
After our breakfast, It's the rabbit to have their breakfast too. The rabbit at here all fatty fatty, you can go in the rabbit area to touch them, feed them and play with them (free). Then you also can borrow their fishing rod and take the food to fish. My first time fishing , it amazing, and I got one small fish ( My many 1st time done at here *lolx*)
Rabbit waiting me to feed them
My first small litter fish~ and I let it go~
好啦~不钓了! 还是去划船好(也是免费的),所以就划船出海看看多巴湖的美丽景色~ 可说是值得一划,在累也值得!! 风景实在是太漂亮了!!
Now, let's us change to boating time ~Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.~ This activity also free. You can row the boat out from the lake and look the beauty of the laketoba! It's is very nice!

Two boat also can be use.
Let's Row!
Out to the lake!
The morning view~ with many cloud.
Water fall see from far laketoba
晚上还能跳湖~尝试了下水看看水的深度! 其实很深一下~ 脚动不到底....所以索性借件救生衣来穿,自生自灭~ 怕等下美人要英雄救美 *呵呵* 跳湖时间不错的体验哦~~ 还有厉害的外国人小孩表演跳湖给我看,一个字"赞".
In the evening, you can try to jump into the Lake. Because I dont know how to swim, so I go and try the depth of the lake and I found it very deep!! So I go and rent a safety coat to wear and jump. I also saw some little boy Pro in jumping the lake. *lolx*


Go!! My 1st time jumping Lake~
The night view also very wonderful
来到这里的重点了!! 如果住在这里的客人就有口福吃它们的烤鱼套餐 (来到这里一定要品尝的食物). 如果要吃这餐, 6.30 pm 就要准备好了, 因为这是他们的吃饭时间 (有点不好意识,因为跳湖,我们迟到了 15分钟). 这个套餐我只能说如果胃口没有这么大的话,建议不要吃~ 因为你会后悔 *哈哈* 分量多到吓死人,不过很好吃!!!! 我们来看看它们的有什么吃, 吃Starter 就吃饱了哦!!
The Important thing to do in Horas family house is to eat their Horas Family BBQ Fish. They only prepare for customer they stay with the. Their dinner time is on 6.30 pm, and I late 15 min due to jumping the lake. But anywhere, If you want to try this meal, please make sure you have a BIG STOMACH!!! (Too many food to eat). Let see got what food to eat.

You can see them cook, listen to music, listen to Mr Berend Bakker's History.
鸡肉沙爹 + 自制花生酱 酱好吃)
Chiken Satay + Homemade Peanut sauce (sauce is nice!!)
小龙虾 (汤头好喝,虾肉新鲜)
Prawn (the soup very nice, and the prawn meat is fresh)
休息餐 沙拉+ 炸薯条
Give you rest a while Salad + france fried
烤鱼~ (好吃) 有吃鱼教学哦! (吃到这里我已经饱了)
Fried Fish  (very nice) and also Mr Berend Bakker will teach you how to eat fish (Until here my stomach already full)
炸鸡 + 猪肉排骨 (喜欢它的排骨,比 Morganfield's 好吃)
Still got Grill Chicken and fish pork.  (I like the fish pork, nicer than Morganfield' s)
主餐现在才开始~ 有石斑鱼,烤鱼,炒饭,煎芙蓉蛋,杂菜 , 甜品等 (真的吃不下主餐了,只好当早晨吃Then only the Main Course coming, got Fish, Grill fish, fried rice,  fried egg, vegetable, desert (I already cant finished it, so make this dinner to breakfast.)
最后一天,Mr Berend Bakker 会帮我们送行. 我觉得这次的住宿真的是好到没话说! 我给你五星!! 从来没有住过一间服务好的酒店~我还会在回来!! 你等我~因为我已经开始想念这里的鱼跟空气了!!
The last day, Mr Berend Bakker send us back. Horas Famly Home can be rate as five star hotel, the service here is very good. Better than hotel that I stay before. I think I will come back again!
走时,Mr Berend Bakker 还会送行
They will send us back~
在Toba 旁边罢了~
Horas Family House Location is Beside Toba Only

RATE : 10 / 10

更多详情 For More Information

霍拉斯家庭别墅 Horas Family Home
地址 Address : Tuk Tuk, Samosir, 50144 Tuk Tuk, Indonesia

交通 Transport : 船 (15000 IDR / Pax), 第一个码头就到~
                            Ferry (15000 IDR / Pax ), the first port can reach.

网页 Website : http://www.holidaysumatra.com/home/

E-mail : horastuktuk@yahoo.com

**如果想要住这里,可以跟老板说是我 (Chan Jie Jie)介绍的, 老板会给你小小10%的折扣哦!
If  you planning to stay here, you can tell Mr Berend Bakker(the owner) my name (Chan Jie Jie) that recommend you come here to stay, he will give you a little discount about 10%.**

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