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南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆 Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo

南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆 Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo

来到釜山也不忘了住宿,所以就找个住宿能够寄放行李又靠近Shopping Mall 的地方, 那就是 南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆. 南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆位于中央地铁站附近, 是间不错的旅馆. 因为地理方便.
走路 2 Min 到 40 阶梯文化观光主题街, 15 Min 到札嘎其市场, 5 Min 到Lotteria (好方便)
Busan Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo is a good location to stay. I choose here because I want to have a keep baggage service and near to shopping mall. Because I want to go to Jjimjilbang stay and is my last day here. 

这里的设施也不错 The facilities here is also very good.
*免费早餐 (8am - 10am),有咖啡,茶,果汁, 土司, 果酱, 牛油, 鸡蛋! (早餐丰富)
*Free Breakfast (8am - 10am) , Tea, Coffee, bread, margerin, jam and EGG! (The egg I feel special, because I stay at korea so many hostel also dun have egg, some more you can cook your self.)
This is the breakfast.
*提供游客自己下厨 You can cook yourself, kitchen provide.
*免费寄放行李 Can help to keep your baggage no matter you check in early or late (I check in one day early and call them help us keep our baggage because I wan to go Jjimjilbang for a stay,)
*免费无线网路 Free Wifi
*免费韩服体验 Free Hanbok 
Hanbok experience (Am I look like real korean Now?)
Which Hanbok nice?
*提供: 毛巾, 洗发精, 沐浴露, 牙膏, 吹风机等. Free towel, shampoo, toothpaste and more.

还有这里的员工都会说华语与英文, 所以沟通绝对没有问题! (我都叫他们帮我叫外卖~ *呵呵*)
Beside the worker here can speak well English and Chinese, So communication is not a problem. (That why I ask them help me to call chicken delivery.)

店员帮我叫得炸鸡外卖, 17000 Won 吃的好饱 , 很好吃!
17000Won for chiken delivery. Original taste, nice!!!
Look good, Taste more good!

When you walk out from exit No 5.
看到这个小巷(KDB 旁)就转进去
walk straight, and you will see a small junction.  Just walk in and you will see MR EGG on your right.
这个门口的白板 就是记录当天的客人.
A small white board at the entrance with remark "Guest of the day"
Which one is yours?
Rest room and you can online here too.
Small living room
由于当天太多人, 所以店员把我从 8 人 DORM Upgrade至2人 Dorm.
That day too many people stay here already. So the worker help us upgrade our room from 8 ppl dorm - 2 ppl dorm with same rate *HAPPY*

RATE : 9/10

更多详情 More Information

南浦鸡蛋先生旅馆 Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo

地址 Address : Donggwang-dong 3-ga 6-1 Jung-gu, Busan, Korea 600-023

价钱 Price : 23000 Won (Dorm room)

营业时间 Open Hours : Check In 3:00pm - 10:00pm
                                        Check Out before 11:00 am

交通 Transport : 
1) 搭地铁至"中央站", 5号出口 (没行李), 步行约五分钟即可抵达 
2)  搭地铁至"中央站", 13号出口搭电梯 (有行李),不过一出电梯就要向后走15分钟, 看到邮局转右直走到第一个红青灯,到对面,然后直走到 KDB转左到小巷, Mr. Egg Hostel 就在你的右边.
1) Come Out From Jungang Station, Exit No.5 (no baggage), Walk 5 min and you will reach.

1. "中央站", 5号出口直走 
1.Jungang Station, Exit No.5, Walk Straight

2. 走到 KDB转左到小巷直走Mr. Egg Hostel 就在你的右边
2. Walk till you see KDB building, turn left and walk straight, you will see Mr. Egg Hostel on your right.
The Location Map to Mr Egg.

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