Friday, February 5, 2016

中山纪念堂周边景点 Walk Around Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall

Place Around Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall

今天来个蓝线一日游, 所以就这样选了这里啦~ 来到纪念堂站 D2 出口, 出站 后直走就会看到中山纪念堂在你的右边拉! 进去不用钱, 但如果要进建筑屋里面就要入门票啦!这里是历史区,建筑物是为了纪念孙中山而筹建的~ 我对历史没什么兴趣~ 所以,我都在外拍拍看看(这里很大!).
Today travel use metro travel around in the blue line, so decide to visit this Memorial Hall Station. This Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall is free, but if you want to visit inside the building, you need to pay RMB 10. This place consider historical place because they build this building is to memory Sun Yat. I'm not the person who like historical thing, so I did not go inside the building. I just walk around the park (It's very big!)


Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall Jump
园区免费开放,进建筑参观需门票 10 元
Garden is free, but if want to go in to the building to have a look need RMB 10 . 
Entrance to the building
Sun Yat Status
another door entrance
The garden view here also not bad!
之后就走到对面的越秀公园南门, 你会看到有段很长的楼梯. 一直往上爬, 旁边有个碑~ 接着往公园走~ 就会看到五羊石雕. 其实这个公园很大~ 我没走完.
After that we go to Yuexiu Park which at opposite of the Memorial Hall. You can see a very high and long stair which you need to walk up only can reach the Sculpture of the Five Rams. Actually this park is quite big, after I walk up the stair I already feel tired. So I did not finished walk all the park.

The stair is too long!

五羊石雕The Sculpture of the Five Rams

RATE : 7 / 10

更多详情 For More Information

1) 中山纪念堂
地址 Address   : 
259 Dongfeng Middle Rd, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
门票 Entrence Fee :  Free

交通 Transport :  搭乘地铁 2 号线至纪念堂站, D2 出口
Sit Metro to 
Memorial Hall Station and exit D2 exit.
网页 Website    :

2) 越秀公园

地址 Address   : 广东省广州市越秀区解放北路960 号

门票 Entrence Fee :  Free

时间 Operation Time : 6.00 am - 9.00 pm

交通 Transport :  
搭乘地铁 2 号线至纪念堂站, D2 出口Sit Metro to Memorial Hall Station and exit D2 exit.

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