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大叻溪降户外活动 Dalat Canyoning Having Fun

Let me show you how to canyoning.

如果你有惊人的胆量,强壮的心脏,人又在大叻,一定要去尝试溪降这个户外极限运动在达坦拉瀑布~什么是溪降? 溪降指的是在悬崖处沿瀑布下降的运动,由瀑布主体缘绳下跃,或顺水滑降。由于长期被瀑布冲刷的石头很滑,再加上溪水对下降者的冲击,会影响判断力,所以溪降比普通的岩壁下降更有挑战性。在大叻体验溪降,你不必要有经历也不必要会游泳(因为我也是这样).
If you at Dalat and you are brave enough or heart strong enough for some adventure activity, you must have a try for the Canyoning at Datanla Waterfall. What is Canyoning? Canyoning is an activity that includes hiking, trekking, swimming, water sliding, jumping and abseiling but abseiling is the main thing. You can do all these thing without any experience required like me.

大叻溪降需带什么?很像没有什么带,除了钱,鞋和防晒油. 其他的都可以不用带. 因为他们都为你准备好了. 吃的, 用的,安全措施都有了, 照片也能帮你拍. 这些照片都是他们拍了放上FB的.
What to bring to canyoning? Actually nothing, except money, sport sandals/water shoes and sun block. Because other they already prepare for you such as english speaking professionally trained guide, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, fruit snack, purified drinking water, picnic lunch, transport as listed above and high-quality rappelling gear. Beside they also help you take picture, so no worry no picture.

The Tour Description  大叻溪降一日活动:
1. 8.30 am 来我的住宿载我们到达坦拉瀑布 8.30am pick up from our hotel and depart to canyoning waterfall

2.要玩溪降,必须先学溪降-速降. 所以到了目的地,上完一切装备后,有练习速降, 不过我觉得练习一下就没了..... 我才降一次就速速到下个速降地点展示了
Put on all the safety equipment, and arrive to the practical abseiling point, learn how to use the equipment (The practice is too less, only able to do the practical 2 time then need rush to the 1st abseiling point).

 3.  第一个速降有18m 高. 沿着绳索从山的高处滑到低处,只不过下降时没有水的冲力,岩石也不滑。所以还好
First dry abseil with the rappel of 18 high meters. Move down from the top to the bottom without waterfall and the stone/rock is dry. So abseiling is easier.


看我速降 (有没有很厉害?)
See my noob skill canyoning.

4. 中场休息~ 在瀑布下游泳 Swimming at the waterfall.   

With My Sister

我的組只有我们两个是亚洲人,其他都是老外. (发现很多老外很喜欢玩,也能偷偷认识下 )
My group only two people are asian
(is good for me to know more people.)

5.之后,沿着瀑布的冲击到下个溪降地点. 你要怎样冲都可以.从头冲,脚冲或是两人冲. 不过做好准备,屁股会痛. 因为在冲击的时候屁股会敲打石头. Join water sliding down the waterfall. It's fun, but in the end your Ass will pain due to the rock.

滑下来 Sliding down

6. 完了这么久,真正的溪降才要来....15m 高的瀑布, 我来啦~ 这个溪降到了最后,要看指导的指挥,头不能在网上看,因为瀑布的水一直往下冲,所以要看旁边的指挥. 他会叫你准备跳. 以为,你的腿一不够长.
Real canyoning with the 15 high meters waterfall only coming. Here you need to fully follow the instructor. They will give you signal to call you jump. So when you reach the middle you need to look to your instructor, not looking up because the water keep falling down. So, wait until the instructor say jump, you Jump.

I have made it.

We need another challenge.

7. 挑战胆量时间 - 跳水. 要尝试吗?当然要啦~ 如果胆小,可以跳7m 的, 如果大胆点,可以挑战11m 的. 7m 的跳水不用助跑,11m需要. 还有就是11m 的可以呐喊比较长时间. 哈哈
Enjoy a 11 m / 7m jump into water. If you not dare, you can try 7m only. if you brave enough you can jump at 11m. Quite fun, can experience free fall~

我的跳只有一种pattern,下次要转几个圈来. 哈哈
my jump only have one pattern..... next time want to flip few circle~ lolx

8. 最后一个项目了25m 的洗衣机(我比较喜欢这个,因为不用爬下去,就放绳罢了) . 这个溪降叫洗衣机,因为他的瀑布是从旁边冲,所以如果你没有放绳,你会被冲得团团转.
Do the last and most difficult canyoning (25 high meters waterfall) is affectionately known as The Washing Machine. I like this more than previous canyoning because no need climb down.

I'm ready

Turn and Turn

9. 野餐, 包在里面了。 吃面包, 有肉,Cheese, 水果等
Picnic lunch (bread, chesses, fruits, vegetables, jam, water, etc…)

10. 吃完后,还要准备爬山~ 需爬
10分钟. 不过一路上风景很漂亮 。
About 10 minutes of trekking uphill to the van, back to your hotel.

会想玩溪降因为想要玩, 也觉得自己老了,如果年轻不,老时更加不能玩会觉得可惜. 所以没有后悔,不错的体验,如果还有机会,我还会去挑战
It's fun to have canyoning. If have chance will come back here and take this adventure again. Need to do it when you are still young, because this activity is not suitable for old people.

虽然不是我的Video,但我都体验过这些哦~ 有没有很厉害?
I share this video, because I have experience all this~ cool right?

Rate : 8 / 10

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