Friday, February 19, 2016

被香味唤醒的比薩特青年旅馆 Waken Up by pizza smell in Pizzatethostel.

比薩特青年旅馆很不错,不过距离城市有点远,需走30 分钟. 比薩特青年旅馆其实是一半卖比薩,一半拿来做青年旅馆. 所以每天早上都会被他们烤的比薩味唤醒~ 虽然说比薩特青年旅馆是比薩店,但房间很大也很干净!
Pizzatethostel is a very nice hostel (recommended), but it's a bit far from Dalat city, need to walk about 30 min to reach. Pizzatethostel is actually half hostel half pizza restaurant. That why I always wake up by the smell of pizza that they bake. The hostel is big and clean although it's is restaurant.

这就是整间店~ Overall Hostel
1st Floor比薩餐厅 Pizza Shop
2nd Floor - 比薩餐厅 与 青年旅馆 Pizza Shop & Hostel
3rd Floor - 青年旅馆 Hostel
老板贴心服务~ 姜片与姜茶,暖暖身
When we reach, the boss serve us ginger slide and ginger tea.
1st Floor Pizza Shop
 二楼的比薩餐厅2nd Floor Pizza Shop
还有这里的员工/老板服务都很好, 很贴心. 老板会尽量帮你安排你所需的一切. 像我们搭 Sleeping bus 6.00am 就到比薩特青年旅馆. 然后她会尽量安排房间让我们准备准备 (因为8.00am 我们会去体验降溪,也是她帮忙安排的). 总之~ 你需要什么, 她都会尽量满足你. 价钱也不会多收你. 
The boss and the worker serve us well. They will try their best to fulfill us. For example, we reach there around 6.00am due to we taking mid night sleeping bus. And they try to arrange a room for us to prepare for the coming 8.00am canyoning activity. 

早餐 Menu
Breakfast Menu 
What we have eat during two day stay~~ Nice food
这两天吃的早餐~ 不错.很有心思~
我顶双人房, 她给我Upgrade去双人房!!(爽)
I book standard room, and they upgrade us to four people room~ 
房间很大间!! 也很干净
Room was big and clean
Dorm 房也不错~ 有私人空间也后保险箱~
Dorm got private place~ and safety box.
Outside world from up dorm
Discover out there.
 尝试吃了她们家的比薩, 不错吃~ 叫一个比薩还能吃两个口味! (可叫鸳鸯比薩). 价钱不会贵, 也很好吃.
Try their Pizza, very nice. and you can order a pizza with two different taste. The price is not expensive too.

比薩 Menu
Pizza Menu

Pizza flavor : half Hawaii & half Chicken pizza
I have Order COMBO with price 85 000 dong include salad, fried and pizza
两个人吃两天的 COMBO (85 000 dong)有薯条,蔬菜与一个中比薩
Pizza flavor : half pizza tet & half seafood pizza

Rate : 10 / 10

更多详情 More Information

比薩特青年旅馆  Pizzatethostel

地址 Address :  A19 Tran Le, Dalat City Center, Dalat, Vietnam 063
营业时间 Operating Hours : 7.00am - 11.00pm

交通 Transport : 如果从胡志明市来, 可搭 FUTA 巴士, 直接到门口(到终站会有小巴载) If you come from Ho Chin Minh, you can buy FUTA sleeping buy, direct to pizzatet.

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