Tuesday, April 7, 2015

日本餐吃到饱 Sozo Japanese Cuisine

看到 Groupon的日本餐吃到饱 RM46 /人很像很划.所以就这样给它按了下去了.
Buy an A La Carte Japanese Buffet at RM46/pax at Groupon. Though of bringing my family have a try.

来到这里才发现,这间日本餐厅不管服务,食物都不好. 只有让人生气和吃到撑死. 他们的MENU 是 RECYCLE,也就是说他们的MENU有之前客人点餐和擦过的痕迹, 还有些没有擦完. 我没有点 Set 他就给我来5 6 个 set!!!!!*我来不是吃SET 的咯* 跟他们 Complain 了,也没有用,他们说是我们点的. 我点的很多 A la carte , 都没来 !!! *气死我* 我就只吃到这些 A la carte 其他的都是 Set.... *火*
Look like its not a good japanese buffet place, no matter food or service all also not good. I think we come here get angry only.  They reuse their menu, you can see many previous order in the paper( they did not rubber finished), that why we need to eat 5 - 6 set (even we did not order any set!). Besides that, quite many our A LA CARTE order did not come!!!!! All i eat only in the picture i show, other all set *HATE*

Not fresh

Not nice
only few piece, I order for 2nd round, it did not come at all!!!
need to wait 1 hour only come.

RATE : 5/10 (NOT recommended)

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地址 Address: 13-G, Block A, Sunway Giza, Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

营业时间 Operation Hours: Sun - Thurs 11:00am - 10:30 pm
                                                   Fri - Sat        11:00am - 12:00 am
网页 Web site : https://www.facebook.com/sozocuisine


  1. 你好小洁。我前几天才刚买了Sozo的Vouchers,听你这么一说我就开始担心了?我买的是1 pax 差不多RM65,你的怎么就RM46那么便宜啊?请问是什么时候用餐的?

    1. 你好, 你如果去吃,就多多注意 Menu 里有没有点了/还没搽掉的点单 (可以拿两三张,但都要注意). 你的单来了,要点算,因为肯定会少了3-4 个你的Order. 我买的是午餐,所以便宜一点.