Wednesday, April 15, 2015

帕斯尔滕盖克拉海滩 Pasir Tengkorak Beach

因为帕斯尔滕盖克拉海滩 就在 Air Terjun Temurun 对面, 所以就停在这里玩一下. 这里属于偏僻的地方,很少人会去来到这里吧.当时只有我们这一家~其他的因该还在睡觉吧! 不过风景不错~ 算是隐藏版的沙滩吧!!
Pasir Tengkorak Beach is just opposite the Temurun Waterfall. So just stop by there for some fun at beach.This beach is very clean may be not much people come here. When we at there, no one there, only we playing at the beach (may be too early ). But this place is recommend to visit, not much people come and visit, can have fun till no body care. The view here also not bad~

Free access to the public beach

Clean beach~ 

all pose you can think
All Pretty and Handsome ~
Langkawi have Eagle everywhere? 
Snap Shoes?
一个不够, 来多多个?
One shoes not enough? then all shoes?
the water at here is clear~~
Rate : 9 / 10

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