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拜縣峽谷好刺激 Scary Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon
拜縣峽谷是拜縣的其中一个景点. 它的特别点就是刺激, 所以就来这里看看. 因为是大热天,所以很少人来到这里.不过要到这拜縣峽谷需走5分钟到达山上.
Pai Canyon is one of the spot to travel in Pai, The main attraction of this place is exciting. Why ? Let come and see the picture. Due to the weather is hot, less people is coming here. So, it's the opportunity for me to snap as much picture as I can! But before reach to the top, we need to walk 5 minute to reach the point.

Walk 5 min to the top of the mountain

到达山顶, 你可以看到美丽的拜縣风景~ 非常漂亮!! *我很喜欢* 但刺激点不在风景~ 刺激点是在他的每段 (很狭窄)路还有兩边都是断崖! 从断崖看下去,真的很刺激不建议懼高症的人来)
When reach the top of the mountain, you will see many beautiful view around the Canyon *very beautiful*. But the most exciting part is not the beautiful scene around it, it's the path that we walk. Some time scary when walk to the narrow part, some time exciting due to scary. *HaHa* 

the view is damn nice
密密麻麻的路, 有怕吗?
the road is too narrow~ do you scare?

对我来说, 小 Case
Is small case for me~ to walk around~
想走到尾, 到我竟然感到害怕!!
Want to go to the end, but I scare, so stop till half way.
如果可以, 可以到这里来体验一下可怕与刺激的交错!
Recommended to come and pay a visit to experience it!

Rate : 7 / 10

更多详情 For More Information

 Pai Canyon

地址 Address  
Thailand, Thung Yao, Pai District, Mae Hong Son

门票 Entrence Fee :  Free

交通 Transport : 只要沿着1095公路走到90公里处的位子就可以看到斗大的PAI CANYON的标志. Follow 1095 road and drive 90km, you will see Pai Canyon sign.

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