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到南湾海滩挑战各种沙滩活动~ Enjoying all Beach Activity at Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa

来到南湾海滩,看到了很多很多的沙滩活动!! 就不管三七二十一~ 选了几样我很想要挑战的游戏! 首先选了拖伞 (大约20美元), 再来就是水上高速滑水 (大约25 美元) 再附加浮浅 (大约30 美元). 大概花了 马币两百多块来玩~~ 我的水上活动比较刺激, 我朋友不喜欢刺激,所以他们选了到岛上看海龟~~
Tanjung Benoa is one of my place to go~ Here have many water spot activity, you can choose what you like. I have choose 3 activity to play here which are parasailing (around $20) + Jet Ski (around $25) + Diving (around $30). These activity I wanted to play the most.  Some of my friend take other package, they didn't not like extreme activity, so they go to turtle island to see turtle~~

第一次玩拖伞, 觉得很特别的激动!! 因为想玩很久很久了~ 终于能都如愿! 这个拖伞活动需要手臂有力,因为下降的时候要拉方向 (需很大力啦!! 还有一点, 如果女生玩这个水上活动比较容易玩, 因为下降时, 很多工作人员会来帮你安全的降落~ 如果男士玩,就不会有人管你, 还会让你被拖着. )
For the first time play parasailing, feel excited! Because always see it on TV. Now finally I can play. These water spot activity need to use very much energy in pulling the string when coming down. But overall I very like! (Girl play this activity is an advantage, but boy no advantage at all. This is because when girl coming down, all the worker will come to help.)

预备, 穿上他们预备的安全措施~
Ready with wearing all the safety preparation (PPE). 
飞很远 (看到很美的景色)
The scenery here is nice! 
Now ready to pull the string for coming down.
下降了~ 工作人员一堆跑来帮忙~~
See the worker? all come help me~~ *lolx*
Safe Landing!
好玩! 有机会我会再玩~
If got chance again! I WILL PLAY AGAIN!!!

水上高速滑水很刺激. 不过,当你在玩的时候会很像被甩出去. 所以手要很有力的死死抓着不放, 不然,你肯定会被甩出去. 在玩时, 你也会被转晕, 因为他会转很多圈!! 不过不错玩!
Jet ski is nice~ but also you need strength to hold tight. If not when they turn you or speed up, you will fly away! This jet ski, they will turn you many circle let you faint... *lolx*, but it's quite new to me and fun!

很难爬, 终于成功上去了~ 准备出发.
Finally go up, now let's go!
Turn and Turn and Turn
We are Back!
Mission Complete!
下一个体验浮浅. 没有照片看~ 因为没有拍什么照. 不过,他们会让你穿浮浅的衣, 让后载你到海中间让你下海. (还是一样, 女孩比较有利~ 我跟他们说我不会游泳, 他们就让我下水游几下练习, 我朋友男的说不会,他们没理他.) 那个氧气筒,下水才戴上的(脱氧气筒也是在水里), 每个人会有一个工作人员带~ 还有几片面包让你带下水去喂鱼 (新鲜)~~ 他们的海底里有很多鱼,还有珊瑚 (可以动哦~), 我还偷拿海星~~ 不过最后放回去原位了~
Last activity here, diving!  They will give you wear diving suit and bring you to middle of the sea. (Again, girl is advantage, I tell them I dunno swimming, they give me go down the sea to swim two or three round only dive). After that they will help you wear all the gadget. Then you need go down to sea and wear the oxygen tank. Inside the bottom of the sea, it's have fish, you can go and feed them with the bread they provide for you and you can touch the coral. I saw a star fish on the floor, so I pick it up and feel the star~ after that I return it to the sea. 

I like here
最后, 这里的水上活动很多~ 如果我还有来这里, 我还会再玩! 不过,我会选其它的游戏试玩玩!
I like here, due to it have many water spot activity. If i got come again, I will come back to this place again and play other water spot activity that I haven try yet!

RATE : 10 / 10

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南湾海滩 Tanjung Benoa 

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