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看着广州塔周围开灯 Looking at the light lighted up around Canton tower

中国太大啦! 走到我很累~ 来到了广州塔已经是傍晚大概5点多了! 我已经没有力了...坐下来休息一下,看看所谓的 小蛮腰(广州塔)有没有我的腰来得小 *哈哈*. 由于门票小贵,所以没有上去看 (其实很想上去玩它的450米极速云霄....不过没关系,让自己有借口再回来!)
Canton tower is the tallest building in Guangzhou. It have around 450m tall and have some theme park at the top of it. Actually I plan to go up play the Sky drop (look extreme) but the entrance fee got a bit too expensive for me, so I did not go up to have a look. 

Sunset is Coming

The light up of the tower
which color you like?
到广州塔其实很简单, 只要坐地铁3号线在 “赤崗塔” 站下車, A 出口出站, 就可看到它了! 广州塔是以中国第一,世界第三的旅游观光塔闻名. 它一共有450米. 我有兴趣它的E区速降体验,摩天轮与悬空走廊,因为好像很不错玩!(下次一定会上去看看!)
To come to Canton tower, it's very easy, you just need to sit to Chigang Pagoda Station, exit A exit, and you will see it!Next time I will come again for the theme park.

The package price
Sky Walk
Sky Drop
在高空中的摩天楼! (特别!)
Bubble Tram, can see all guangzhou
休息了一阵后~ 就继续到附近看看. 走下,走下, 被我发现不错的景点. 那就是广州塔码头! 还有猎德大桥南站 在地铁图是没有的. 它是海珠有轨电车, 要另外买票搭的哦~ 我就在码头逛逛~ 这里看到整个广州塔哦!! 还有这里的夜景也不错!!
After that walk around to find the best spot to see canton tower, but accidentally walk till Guang zhou pier and saw Liede Brigde South Station. It's another train to another place. But I choose to walk along the pier and here is the best place to see Canton tower and the night view.

Liede Bridge South Station
Sunset time~
Haven open light

开了灯的景色~ 哪一个比较美呢?
Open light. Which one you prefer?

All view!Do you see a bridge?
Liede Brigde
之后再搭地铁到附近的花城广场看喷水表演, 但.... 因为是星期五所以没有喷水表演... 要星期六日才有... 所以就失望的回去 (因为看到网上写晚上会有表演). 不过也不是完全的失望~ 看到了“长颈鹿” 的餐厅所以去找了一下, 看到很多人在 “泰一格韩国年糕火锅” 前等号码. 所以也去凑下热闹! 不错吃,有小辣哦!
After that, go to Huacheng Plaza to see fountain shows. But too bad it does not have any show on Friday. They only performed on weekend.... got a bit disappointing because I saw internet say all day! So when to have my dinner at Tigertopoki. Many people waiting for seat, I also come to have some special food. The food here is not bad, but a bit spicy.

APM 沿线 珠江新城站 B1出口
Out Zhujiang New Town Station and exit B1 exit.
Here also can see canton tower.
Fountain show located here and the white color building is library.
No show? We do our self~~* lolx*
The night view here also nice!
Tigertopoki with kwangsoo Oppa 
小份的Cheese Steamboat (79元)
Cheese Steamboat around CNY79

RATE :9/10

更多详情 For more information

1) 广州塔 Canton Tower
地址 Address: 广东省广州市海珠区阅江西路222号
营业时间 Operation Hours: 9.30 am – 10.00pm
交通 Transport : 搭乘地铁8号线 赤岗 C出口
Sit Metro to Chigang Pagoda Station and exit C exit.

2) 花城广场
地址 Address: 广州市天河区黄埔大道以南、华夏路以东、
门票 Entrence Fee :Free
营业时间 Operation Hours: 24Hr
交通 Transport :搭乘地铁珠江新城站 B1 出口 (APM沿线 )
Sit Metro to Zhujiang New Town Station and exit B1 exit.

3) 泰一格韩国年糕火锅  Tigertopoki
地址 Address: 天河区珠江新城花城大道89号花城汇南区海印都荟城APM花城大道B出口(麦当劳隔壁)

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