Wednesday, May 14, 2014

韩式烧烤自助餐 BBQ K Korea Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara

今天我带朋友去吃韩式烧烤了 *哈哈* 还迷路, 有够“鱼”..... 这次来到 Solaris Mont Kiara 吃 *高级的地方*! 价钱不会说很贵. 他们的料也很多选择!
Today I bring my friend go discover new korea BBQ buffet again~ This time we go BBQ K korea buffet at Solaris Mont Kiara *High Class place*. The price is not very expensive and they have plenty of choice although their place is small.

大人 (Adult price) = RM 38 (Lunch)
                                    RM 45 (Dinner)

我喜欢BBQ K 多过食客,因为这里的肉选择多,又新鲜! 服务好! 选择多! 环境也不错! 还有 最重要的一点 -------- 好吃!
Actually, I like BBQ K Korea Buffet more than Ssikkek, this is because here got many choice, the meat is fresh and juicy, environment nicer and the most important things is -------------DELICIOUS.

人家说肉配酒绝配! 但我不喝酒, 可惜!
You can choose all the bulgogi, no matter big or small, thick or thin, all is yours! 

什么调味料~ 小吃都有~还有其他的没拍到! 因为只顾着吃!
Eat korea food must eat with all the sauces. Some food like pan cake *my favor* did not snap picture, because I keep busy eating *haha*

Vegetable is a MUST in korea BBQ. 
哦,还有如果你们周六日,晚餐时间来,还有免费一样食物.那时BBQ K的老板给我们二选一,蒸鸡蛋 或 肉片.虽然肉片很吸引人,但我们三个小女生的肚子没那么大,所以就选择蒸鸡蛋*不错吃*
Oh Ya! If you all come on saturday or sunday (dinner time), they will give you 1 free dish. The BBQ K boss give us two choice which are steam egg and Bulgogi. We choose steam egg because we quite full that time. 

saliva already dropping non stop!!

Steam egg taste GOOD!

让你们看看我的厨艺! Before cook~

有没有胃口吃? After cook
 Rate = 9/10(recommended)

我还会再来! ! 
I will come again! 

当我忙着“面子书”时,你有发现什么吗? *哈哈*
While I busy FBing with friend,do you spot any thing? *haha*

更多详情 For more information:

地址 Address: 13-3 & 15-3, 3rd floor block C, Jalan Solaris 2, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

电话Phone number: +603-6206 5539 or 018 398 0140 (recommended to reservation,预定位置比较好)

Operation Hours: Mon - Sun (限制两个小时用餐 dine for 2 hour only)
                           11.30 am - 3.00 pm
                            5.00 pm - 10.00 pm

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