Friday, April 25, 2014

因为旅行,我成长了 Travel make me grow up

哈咯,大家好! 小女我在这里跟大家打声招呼~~ 第一篇不知道要写些什么.... 所以就写些有的没的.....
HELLO EVERYONE!! welcome to my travel blog. This is my first post, I have no idea what to write, so just simple write some introduction about me and my blog.

为什么我会突然开个旅行部落格? 就因为我突然有这种想法~也许以后我会开始我的背包旅程? *呵呵* 不过我挺喜欢旅行, 不管背包,独自,跟朋友, 跟家人, 团体都有不一样的体验. 如果带着音乐去旅行, 更加有不一样的感觉. *哈哈哈哈*
Why I suddenly have an idea to write a travel blog? Actually i also dunno *lolx* , just feel free to open it, and thinking /  dreaming sooner or later i will go to travel around the world? But I know that, I LOVE TRAVEL ALOT! no matter backpack, alone, with friend, with family, or with group will give me different experience in travelling. If can bring along with some music in your travelling time, the feel will more different. *hahaha*

在这里你可以看到中英文两语,这样可以让更多旅行者明白. *其实这两语都不是很好*
In this blog, you can see two language (Chinese and English). Because I hope this would help many traveler. *Actually, I am poor in this two language*

再次欢迎你们的到来! 谢谢! *拍手*
Once again, Welcome to my travel blog! Thank you!*clap*

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